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News of the Jason Stockley verdict has just dropped here in St. Louis. Another instance of a rogue cop shooting a most likely unarmed black man. (A gun was planted on the victim, a gun which only contained the DNA of the cop, and not the mans.) This cop was not only carrying his own personal AK-47, but was also heard on camera saying “gonna kill this motherfucker.” These are the facts, yet still, this morning, St. Louis Judge Timothy Wilson announced that he did not have enough evidence to conclude there was any wrong doing. As news of the verdict here spreads, people on both sides are angry and on edge.

As a white woman… I want to go on record to my other fellow white St. Louisans. I know you don’t want to see our city in distress, and you don’t want to see protests and riots erupting all over town, for fear of how they are going to impact the traffic as you travel to the Balloon Glow, or the U2 Concert, or Ed Sheeran. I know that is what so many of you are currently upset about. However, I have news for you, the distress and disrupt that our city is in for, is nothing compared to the distress and pain that the people of color are currently feeling in our community. They are hurt, angry, and currently feeling a lot like they don’t matter, because cops are killing them and getting away with it at an alarming rate in our city. On top of that, they can feel the indifference of the white community to their injustice. They know all you are concerned about is your peaceful bubble and it not being disturbed. THAT’S the problem. POC do not have a peaceful bubble to live in. They do not have the privilege of not caring or being indifferent to these situations any more because members of their community are being shot and killed, unlawfully, by police who are walking away free and clear.

Imagine this same scenario happening in West County to an affluent white kid. There would be plenty of uproar to hearing that a cop pulled out his own personal AK-47, which was illegal for him to even have on him, and maliciously mutter, “gonna kill this motherfucker”, and then that cop is acquitted of all wrong doing. I don’t think any of us could say that we don’t think the outcome of the situation would be slightly different had this happened to a white man vs. a black man.

St. Louis has a deeply entrenched racial divide. There is no denying that. What that presents us with though, is also the opportunity to bridge the racial divide not just for our city, but as an example to the entire nation. This weekend we will be in the national spot light. Imagine if the message coming out of our city was not one of violent protests and riots, but instead one of our whole community coming together in unity and solidarity against the System. The systems of our government which perpetrate these gross missteps of justices are the real enemy. That fact should be concerning to all of us who value our freedom. Our government loves the racial divide. They love keeping us distracted, pitted against one another, and angry at the wrong things. We are smarter than that though. We can all see that today the system has failed all of us. So it is up to us ALL to take a stand against this injustice. If we truly want to restore peace to our city, we must do so together. Standing up for what is right, together.

So, to my fellow St. Louis citizens who are currently turning in your chairs with angst about how these protests and riots are going to disrupt your weekend plans… I think you need to take a closer look at this situation. I think you need to really understand how your rights have been violated today as well. I think you need to pull out your sharpies, and your construction board and make your own signs, and join all the men and women downtown and around our city today in taking a stand. In the least, we need to recognize that this issues is impacting and affecting all of us, and that it is going to take participation from all of us in order to make a difference. We can only create a real change when we all go at it together. This is not a problem for the black community, this is a problem for the St. Louis community. Remember that.

God Bless St. Louis, stay safe.

– Christine

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I don’t think it takes a person being in St. Louis for very long, for them to get a hot tip to check out brunch at Southwest Diner. It is a popular eatery, with a great reputation, and from what I’ve always heard, very good food.

However, despite the numerous times it has been recommended to me, it was not until just last weekend that I actually ventured to this local staple to finally check it out. The reason for my delayed visit? Well, and I believe this is the reason that perhaps a lot of people tend to steer clear of this trendy diner, is because when you drive by the place it always has people lined up in the streets outside waiting making it seem as though you are going to have to wait until clear past noon to get a spot in the place. Just driving by and seeing the line has deterred me from checking it out countless times prior.

I am here to tell you all though… you cannot judge this book by it’s cover. After finally taking an opportunity to check it out, I found out two things immediately upon arrival that made me understand why people were lining up in droves. 1) The place is much bigger on the inside than it seems. It looks deceivingly small from the outside, however, inside it has quite an ample sized dining room with room for a lot more people than you would think, which means the wait moves a long a lot fast than I would have originally thought. 2) While you wait, there is an air conditioned bus on the side of the building where you can hang out, get free coffee, and buy a boozy drink if you like! What?? Okay, now this waiting business is really not so bad.

My friend and local scholar, Brandon Reinert, (The bus bartender, and also all around great guy to strike up a conversation about life with) noted if you have a smaller party, as in only two people, you probably won’t have to wait long at all. Larger parties are where the longer wait times may kick in, but again… free coffee and bus with a bartender? Not a bad situation. So after checking in, and grabbing a screw driver on the bus, chatting up Brandon for a minute, we didn’t even have time to take a seat before our name was being called.

After getting situated in our seat at the bar, I ordered a breakfast burrito, with a side of biscuits and gravy (because I was hormonal and felt I needed all the food), and my friend ordered eggs and potatoes, both meals comprised of solid breakfast staple foods, as if to say, “Alright Southwest Diner show us what you got.”

Let me tell you, what they’ve got is amazing food. Case in point:


I’m no instagram foodie pic specialist, but take my word for it guys, this food was superb. The burrito, which was a vegan sausage breakfast burrito, had the perfect temperament  of spicy, but not overly spicy, and add in their guacamole (not pictured), and I was in heaven. The biscuits and gravy, also superb. Their biscuit was a handmade lump of perfection topped off with just the right amount of gravy… and I do mean perfect, because just tad more and I would have been on gravy overload, and a tad less and it wouldn’t have been enough to squelch my gravy craving. My friend’s seasoned potatoes and eggs were both also at the peak of brunch perfection.

By the time I finished my food I was amazed that I had let the made up notion of ridiculously long wait times keep me from the deliciousness that was Southwest Diner. Coupled with it’s cool music, chill vibes, and a dope party bus to sip drinks on while you wait, Southwest Diner really does have it all.

So if you are like me, and have been dissuaded by the perception of a long wait thus far, don’t worry, it’s really not so bad. Plus you can hang out and grab a drink or some coffee from Brandon on the bus while you wait, it’s a win/win!


Enjoy the weekend all!

– Christine


Arch drive bys,
Bike down to the river,
Bike over to Forest Park,
Bike through Tower Grove,
Bike along the city streets,
admiring the brick houses,
and ornate designs as she goes.
Benton Park Proper,
Benton Park West,
U City,
Clifton Heights,
Creve Coeur,
North County,
South County,
not quite West County,
definitely never St. Charles.
These are the places shes lived,
loved, and always cherished to call home.
From Cherokee to Adelaide,
this city embodied the essence of her soul.
Laid back, yet busy,
Old in spirit, with a quiet revival sweeping through.
She couldn’t imagine life anywhere else,
she was just so proud to be So St. Lou.