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Arch drive bys,
Bike down to the river,
Bike over to Forest Park,
Bike through Tower Grove,
Bike along the city streets,
admiring the brick houses,
and ornate designs as she goes.
Benton Park Proper,
Benton Park West,
U City,
Clifton Heights,
Creve Coeur,
North County,
South County,
not quite West County,
definitely never St. Charles.
These are the places shes lived,
loved, and always cherished to call home.
From Cherokee to Adelaide,
this city embodied the essence of her soul.
Laid back, yet busy,
Old in spirit, with a quiet revival sweeping through.
She couldn’t imagine life anywhere else,
she was just so proud to be So St. Lou.



I have always written throughout my life, whether it be journals, or poems, or letters that never get sent, writing has always been an outlet for my soul. However, I haven’t always seen or acknowledged myself as a writer. Up until a few years ago, I used to think that being a writer meant being an author, or a journalist, or someone who got paid to write basically. It simply didn’t feel right to call myself a writer when I didn’t have anything published to show for it.

It was only after digging more into my astrology make up, and my Meyers Briggs personality make up, that I finally started to accept that the reason I am so inclined to write… is because I am a writer.

I have an emotion or a thought, and my instinct is to write it down, work my way through it, figure it out. If nothing else, just get it out of me. Some times I like it, some times I think it’s crap, but regardless the quality does not dictate the validity of the action… in writing, one becomes the writer.

Tonight I started a writing class. I had no idea what to expect. Never have I taken a class directed at writing, since I spent so many years in denial that I am in fact a writer.

The class is small, perfect size for a little writing critique group it seems. The teacher gave us two starting sentences and had us write from there for about 30 minutes. We could write in any fashion that we wanted. It’s always interesting to see what flows out of you in situations like that. After we wrote we all read our pieces out loud for critique, and it was very interesting to see where everyone’s writing had taken them. As we critiqued them, I realized that the teacher wanted us to build on these stories for the next week. It was then that I slightly panicked at the thought of having to stick with this thing that I had written on a whim for the first 30 minutes of class, throughout the course of the 4 week class. If I had known this was THE story, I would have gone a different route. Now I’m stuck with this for 4 weeks??

It was only after I got out of class though, that I fully started to respect the writer’s journey that we had all just embarked on in this class. Yes, what I wrote was not THE story that I want to write about in life, but that doesn’t really matter right now. Right now, I need to focus on unfolding a story, moment by moment, event by event, figuring out the mechanics of writing ANY story. The process involves not only a deep plot but massive creativity to help the reader reach the destination with ease.

Typically, I have been more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of writer. Although admittedly that is mostly due to procrastination. However, as my friend Tara pointed out the other night, I’m a blogger because I like to make quick observations. Here is this thing, here is what I think about, okay carry on. Which I do quite enjoy.

As a writer though, I have many facets. I write a lot of poetry. I write comedy. I write this blog. I also have many journals that are each for a certain type of writing. It is a bit chaotic I will admit. That is one thing that I am very excited about with getting a house. Having an office with a place for all of my note books. Anyways, as many different ways as I write, it was not until tonight that I think I really appreciated the art of unfolding fiction writing. Fiction is where your world can unfold exactly as you wish it to be for the characters that you create precisely as you want them to be. Fiction is where creativity lives!

My creative flow is exactly what I’ve been missing in most of my writing. I write my truth, I write what I feel, but those involve facts not meant to be bent in my mind.

My creativity finally has permission to be released, this is a whole new ball game!!

I can’t wait to see what other gems this class unfolds. 🙂

Happy Monday all!

– Christine