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I heard some thing last week that has helped me find the strength that I have needed to find in order to move forward in several areas of my life that have been stagnant lately. It is so simple, and also something I knew, but there is a difference between knowing something and being told some thing is in fact right by a teacher or outside person. Hearing this from a third party was the added confirmation that I needed to take this advice to heart.

The pearl of wisdom I received…

“If you ever feel that there is something that you uncontrollably HAVE to do, or just HAVE to say to someone… that is your sign that you should not say or do that thing.”

I know full well when I shouldn’t contact an ex, or have one more drink, or whatever, HOWEVER, so many times that little voice creeps in my head to convince me of just exactly why I not only should do said thing, but that I HAVE to do it. I’m really great at convincing myself to do things that I previously told myself I would not do because doing said things is actually very unhealthy for me. My ego’s go to convincing argument almost always includes the words, “because you just have to!”, in the most life will be in dire straits if you don’t do it kind of way.

You know what though? I don’t HAVE to do anything. Life will go on, things will progress exactly as they were meant to, and I don’t HAVE to DO anything to make it otherwise.

Over the past week, I have caught myself saying the HAVE TO phrase to myself more times than I care to admit. It has been extremely eye opening AND rewarding forcing myself to look really hard at why I am really trying to convince myself to do something. Any time I get so deep that I am telling myself it’s because I just have to, I’m really grasping for straws at that point as to why I can allow myself to do something that clearly goes against my own greater good.

Humans are funny creatures like that. Our ego’s have a way of convincing us, in the moment, to do things that really only serve the ego, and serve the purpose of holding us back from our true potential. The more we pause, and restrict, the less we live from our naturally reactive state of chaos.

Anyways, that was a great piece of advice that I have implemented this past week, which has already helped me really cut through all the crap I try to tell myself at times, and stick with the higher road for my own good. I hope it can help some of you as well!

Peace and Love,

– Christine





Communication is the cornerstone of all human relationships.

Yet it is amazing how it is the downfall of so many relationships as well.

We’ve all seen it or experienced it. Two people who share a connection, feelings, perhaps even love. Yet they can’t communicate properly and so their feelings and thoughts get misconstrued, and their connection deteriorates because the communication is flawed. Or one person holds back their true feelings because they are afraid, and not afraid of the other person, but just afraid to actually admit their thoughts out loud to anyone, because they never have, so then they never do, and eventually the connection suffers because that person couldn’t be honest with themselves let alone the other person.

You can over communicate too. Tell someone too much too soon, and that can throw a connection into a tail spin as well.

What is the correct level of communication then? Is there a perfect balance?

The answer to that, and to most of life’s connections about finding the perfect balance in a relationship, all goes back to finding the balance within yourself. Finding the zen between your feminine and masculine energies, the balance between your left and right brain, however you want to put it, it all means the same thing… you only find balance and harmony outwardly when you create your own peace and balance within yourself.

So the key to communication, is the same as the key to life really. Facing your fears to communicate beyond your comfort zone, and finding the balance between too much and not enough.

What have you said lately that pushed you outside of your comfort zone? Is there something you have been holding in that needs to be said? Say it. You will feel infinitely better on the other side of your fears. In the same respect, have you been saying too much to someone? Are they even listening? Reserve your words for those who care to listen. Don’t speak just to keep a conversation going, words said without purpose are words that are wasted.

Speak wisely, but do not hold your tongue when words can put clarity to life.

– Christine