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I say a lot of things, particularly in regards to my dating life and what I would and would not accept in a man, however, I thought it might be time to set the record straight.

There is one thing that a man must have in order for me to fall for him, and that is the ability to make me laugh. If you can take anything I say to you and turn it back to me with a witty remark and an indignant look that elicits a laugh out of me, I probably already have a crush on you.

In addition to laughter, I also need a man with intelligence. The kind that can back me up with sound logic when my reasoning of “because it’s Gemini season” doesn’t satisfy whomever I may be explaining life to at any given moment, lol. I deal in the realm of the ether… because of that I appreciate men who are in the know on a lot of things and are there to back me up with knowledge, whether they understand my crazy logic or not.

Which brings me to another important quality: patience. I need a man that understands the importance of patience in getting to know someone and start a relationship. Someone that is willing to take their time and develop a friendship first and see where that goes. It takes a long time for me to open up to someone and for them to really know who I truly am. I have a lot of scars that I like to pretend aren’t there, and so only when I know someone truly isn’t going somewhere do I begin to open about these things. 

Lastly, I want a man that can talk to me, tell me what he is feeling, and be open enough to listen to me talk about my feelings and figure out what I’m feeling as I say it. I work things out as I speak, so I can’t have someone that takes everything I say literally. I need a man who will help me work out my thoughts, question me as I talk, and make me think about what it is that I am really trying to say.

These are the things that I want. Nothing else really matters. You would think the combo of all of these things wouldn’t be so hard to find, but it has been. I guess because I’m not always looking either. I have faith the universe will put the right man in my path when I am ready and life will make it all happen.

So cheers to the Universe for making it happen.

Happy Monday!

– Christine







Let’s take a minute and talk about comedy. It’s this thing that I sometimes dabble in, that people who know me are seemingly fascinated by when they hear this about me. However, it’s not something I generally like to talk about with people for two reasons, so let’s talk about those reasons.

A) First things first, just because I attempt to do comedy, does not make me a comedian. It truly does not, and to call myself a comedian is something I would never do lightly. To be a true comedian, to me, is to say that you are a professional joke teller, which is a skill that takes a lot of hard work and dedication to truly achieve such status. I do comedy as a hobby. I enjoy writing, sometimes I write things that make me laugh, and sometimes I like to recite those laughable moments out loud to a crowd to feed my own narcissism about how funny I am. That’s the truth, and I’m not going to pretend it’s not. REAL comedians on the other hand, have dedicated their lives to comedy. They go to open mics every night of the week, perfecting the tiniest phrasing of their wording to make a perfect joke. I can’t stand repeating bits more than twice, let alone the 50+ times it can sometimes take to make comedy gold. Therefore I have accepted the fact that I’m never going pro with comedy, and that’s okay. Being a comedian has never really been a dream of mine, I just like to make people laugh sometimes. However, captivating an audience with my words IS a dream of mine, and comedy has helped me realize that. The words I ultimately want to captivate the world with are not jokes though, they are words that will leave people inspired to change their lives and ultimately the world. That’s a whole other topic for another post some time though. Takeaway on Point A: Doing stand up, does not automatically equate someone to being a comedian, anyone can go to an open mic and “do stand up”. There are various levels to stand up, and there’s no real demarcation of what makes someone a real comedian, however, telling jokes occasionally at an open mic is only the first step on a very tall ladder.

B) When you tell people that you do stand up, 9 times out of 10, they automatically want you to tell them a joke. Nothing makes me not want to talk about stand up more than this. First of all, the bits that I write aren’t your typical punch line kind of jokes. They are mostly comical takes on the story of my life. So to tell someone one of my jokes is typically going into some level of personally embarrassing detail of my life, and depending on who I am talking to, 9 times out of 10, I don’t want really want to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the curiosity that drives people to this question, because it’s probably not as often that you meet someone who does stand up as a hobby, however, if you found out your friend or colleague played volleyball as a hobby you wouldn’t ask them to show your their moves right there on the spot would you? No. Second of all, asking someone to tell a joke on the spot is basically implying that you don’t believe they are funny, and you are going to need them to prove it to you right here and now before you will accept this new information as true. I’m not trying to prove my funniness on the spot to people, mostly because I’m not all that funny on the spot. Telling a joke in the proper manner, requires getting into a certain mindset, at least for me, and that mindset is something I usually need a few hours to prepare myself to get into. It’s not spur of the moment ordeal. Takeaway on Point B: If someone ever tells you that they do stand up, or are a comedian, don’t ask them to tell you a joke on the spot, it is super annoying. DO ask them when the next time they are performing somewhere will be though, and then GO TO THAT SHOW.

So now that I have enforced my pet peeves about talking about stand up, I do want to take a minute to also go into the awesome things that I absolutely love about comedy.

1) St. Louis has an incredible comedy scene filled with some very talented and hard working comics who keep this wonderful scene thriving. The people are the number one reason that I stay involved in comedy, hands down. Our town is blessed to have a comedy scene that not only offers 1-2 different open mics you can attend any night of the week, but there are also a variety of independent shows that these comics work hard to put out on a regular basis to give up and coming comics a place to showcase their sets outside of just an open mic. We also now have two professional comedy clubs, and with last year’s addition of Helium to St. Louis, we are starting to get some really big comedy names pulling into town. Which is awesome not only as someone who is excited to see some of these hilarious acts, but it’s exciting to get to see people in the scene who have been working hard for many years finally start to get more opportunities to open for some incredible people and get their names out there even more. Big things are happening in the St. Louis comedy scene, and it’s truly inspiring to watch people grow as performers and hit new goals and make new dreams for themselves within comedy.

2) Did I mention the people? I don’t know if it’s just a Midwest thing, but pretty much everyone in the scene is super supportive of one another. Sure, in general, some aren’t the best at actually communicating with other people, and some don’t really care to listen to whatever topic you deemed funny in your mind that night, but if you go up and try  your best to do your thing, they will listen, they will give you a smile or a nod of encouragement or a “Good Job” after your set, and if you’re lucky, some may even have some pointers for you on how you can make something good into great. There is no real animosity on the scene. There isn’t an air of, well, I’m not going to help you be better because then it might hurt my odds of getting stage time. No. We all know how hard it is to force yourself to go up there and bare your soul in the first place, so the fact that you even did that, we can recognize as a brave act that deserves to be congratulated on its own. It’s a wonderfully welcoming bunch of weirdo’s that I wouldn’t trade for the world. 🙂  Not even just the comics, but the venue owners who have opened their doors to support the scene as well.

3) The thing that keeps me coming back to comedy time and time again is really simple… I love to laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine, and knowing that there are so many options of things to do and places I can go every night that will guarantee laughter in my life… is a truly amazing thing. Especially at time when the world is seemingly becoming a darker place… comedy is something I can always look to in order to bring more light into my life, and that will never get old.

For your one stop shop on all things St. Louis Comedy, head on over to There you can find information on upcoming shows, the schedule of open mics around town, as well as profiles of St. Louis’s own home grown comedy heroes.

Check it out, and support local comedy (wherever you are)!

– Christine