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I heard some thing last week that has helped me find the strength that I have needed to find in order to move forward in several areas of my life that have been stagnant lately. It is so simple, and also something I knew, but there is a difference between knowing something and being told some thing is in fact right by a teacher or outside person. Hearing this from a third party was the added confirmation that I needed to take this advice to heart.

The pearl of wisdom I received…

“If you ever feel that there is something that you uncontrollably HAVE to do, or just HAVE to say to someone… that is your sign that you should not say or do that thing.”

I know full well when I shouldn’t contact an ex, or have one more drink, or whatever, HOWEVER, so many times that little voice creeps in my head to convince me of just exactly why I not only should do said thing, but that I HAVE to do it. I’m really great at convincing myself to do things that I previously told myself I would not do because doing said things is actually very unhealthy for me. My ego’s go to convincing argument almost always includes the words, “because you just have to!”, in the most life will be in dire straits if you don’t do it kind of way.

You know what though? I don’t HAVE to do anything. Life will go on, things will progress exactly as they were meant to, and I don’t HAVE to DO anything to make it otherwise.

Over the past week, I have caught myself saying the HAVE TO phrase to myself more times than I care to admit. It has been extremely eye opening AND rewarding forcing myself to look really hard at why I am really trying to convince myself to do something. Any time I get so deep that I am telling myself it’s because I just have to, I’m really grasping for straws at that point as to why I can allow myself to do something that clearly goes against my own greater good.

Humans are funny creatures like that. Our ego’s have a way of convincing us, in the moment, to do things that really only serve the ego, and serve the purpose of holding us back from our true potential. The more we pause, and restrict, the less we live from our naturally reactive state of chaos.

Anyways, that was a great piece of advice that I have implemented this past week, which has already helped me really cut through all the crap I try to tell myself at times, and stick with the higher road for my own good. I hope it can help some of you as well!

Peace and Love,

– Christine




It took less than a week on Christian Mingle for me to be reminded of why I get so easily frustrated with “Christians”. Let me be clear, I believe in Jesus, I believe in God, I believe in the Holy Spirit, and I also believe in astrology, numerology, Kabbalah, and really anything else that has the potential to bring me to a higher understanding of life. I believe that there is universal truth and wisdom to be found in all religions, and that it is only through our ability as people to set aside our perceived differences, approach one another with respect, and to truly listen with open minds that we will be able to achieve a true understanding of the unknown and see peace and harmony in our world.

Certain Christians, however, would rather focus on how JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, AND IF YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WILL BE SENT TO HELL TO ROT FOR ALL OF ETERNITY! I do not believe that all Christians are so condemning in their beliefs, but having been raised by in a devout Christian family, who do hold this theory to be so finitely true, this is the group of Christians I will be referring to throughout the rest of this post.

My main problem with this type of belief is it’s straight forward hypocrisy that is completely lost on its believers. Theses Christians talk about how loving and wonderful, and forgiving God is, but then in the same breath will condemn the gays, Muslims, and Jews, because the Bible says to. For these Christians, their religion has become an excuse for them to persecute and condemn others who don’t fit in with their accepted beliefs. You cannot say you are all about love and unity and yet harbor fear and hate in your heart for those who do not believe in the same things as you.

Interestingly enough, in my introductory study of Kabbalah I learned that this self righteous attitude of Christians is actually part of their destiny. For without this attitude, they would never have been so adamant and strong willed in spreading the word of God, and Jesus’ message of saving grace. This pushy, strong willed, holier than thou attitude WAS necessary in our history in order to spread God’s love and light as much as it has. HOWEVER, the ultimate downfall of the Christians, which we are now seeing, is that eventually that self-righteous behavior turns them into a machine that then starts violating others freedoms and liberties in the name of Christ. Which is what is happening today, and which is not okay.

Self-Righteous, arrogant, hard headed, and fear mongering Christians are now crossing into the territory where they themselves need saving. They need to be reeled in, and to understand that opposing views are not the enemy but rather are the key to higher understanding and enlightenment. We cannot grow, evolve, and move towards unity on earth until everyone understands this. Our opponents are in our lives in order to challenge us and help us seek the light in situations that may appear wholly dark. Like a light bulb, you must have friction, you must have resistance, in order to create light. You must be challenged by another in order to open your mind, meet in the middle, and achieve the higher understanding that exists when you bring out the truth in both of your points of view.

So to the man on Christian Mingle who read my profile which states that I love God, I believe that Jesus died for our sins to save us, AND that I believe in the higher enlightenment of Kabbalah, astrology, and any thing else that will challenge my mind, and who took that as an opportunity to condemn me and let me know that my beliefs will earn me a “guilty” sentence in the after life which leads me straight to hell…. to you sir, I send you nothing but light and love. I pray that your heart be opened and that you may see how your narrow minded views are that of a world which is coming to an end. For I know that God is love, and when I open my heart to contain nothing but love and light for all, that is where I find the most peace, joy, and understanding in life.

I will not shame you. I will not condemn you. Those are fear tactics, and I only have room for love in my life. Even in my opposing view of these radicalized Christians, I do not think them to be bad people. Rather I see them as people who are in need. They are in need of someone to come into their life with whom they can tolerate a spark of resistance from, someone who can show them the higher power that lies within challenging their stead fast beliefs, because if we are not continuously learning and growing, we are not seeking the light; and if we are not seeking the light, then we are only serving our own self righteous agendas.

These Christians, in my opinion, have stopped seeking the light. They have stopped seeking a higher understanding as they have become all too reliant upon the highly misinterpreted and misconstrued messages of the Bible. As I said, in Kabbalah, it is outlined how this was an inevitable position for followers of the Bible to end up at. In Kabbalah, there is a text called The Zohar, and what the Zohar teaches is that there are in depth and enlightened lessons that can be interpreted from stories of the Bible. The Zohar actually says anyone who interprets the Bible literally is very dangerous, as this was never meant to be the case. In my studies, I have to concur that the deranged messaging in some of the Bible’s lessons are in fact extremely dangerous when interpreted literally. The Zohar, however, interprets the lessons of the Bible and applies them to our ego, our mind, and our journey towards enlightenment. It provides a path that above all has brought me greater understanding of myself, and has also opened my heart. To say this is evil or blasphemy is pretty much laughable to me, because it has brought more light into my life than Christianity ever has.

Personally, I am a seeker of truth above all. I believe what I believe because I FEEL it to be true, and I then seek out information that will help to corroborate my feelings. So for me, when any person uses their religion as a self righteous shield to condemn all others with opposing views, I see a person who clearly has lost sight of the light that is within us all.

Love. Unity. Oneness. These things can only be achieved when we look at our opponents and chose to see the light within them rather than to condemn them for their darkness. The world IS shifting towards this mindset, towards this heart centered living. I guess I just find it ironic that the people responsible for originally bringing this message of salvation to the world, are now the same people who seemingly need to be saved from themselves. It’s ironic, but also a beautiful display of the divinity of our universe. There is a balance to it all, and no one is above anyone else.

Bottom line: We are all one. The sooner we can all realize this, the sooner we can all work together towards revealing the unique light within each of us, which will bring about an even greater truth and understanding of life than we currently have in our divided state, and that will ultimately bring about true harmony and peace on earth.

May you all remember to look for and focus on the light in all that you do.

God bless,

– Christine

the light


Within all of my spiritual avenues that I have pursued lately, one thing that has shown to be a constant across all religions and spiritual practices, is the practice of tithing. Tithing is the act of giving 10% (or more, but not less), of your earnings either to the church, to a charity, or to some other person who is in need. The principle of tithing is that whatever you give away, will come back to you in ways that are much greater than money.

My mother, a devout Christian, has tithed all of my life. She has always given 10% and trusted that God would provide for us in moments when maybe that extra 10% would have come in handy for her. I have seen first hand, how her belief and faith in God to provide for our family, has continuously blessed our family in moments where we didn’t know how we would make it through.

In my Kabbalah classes, they touched upon the importance of tithing. They emphasized that 10% is the minimum level that one should contribute in order to see and receive the intangible effects that tithing inevitably brings. They noted that 10% can be hard at first, so working your way up to that amount slowly is fine, just know that 10% is really where spirit can start to work through you, and in turn where you will receive the most blessings back into your life. They also mention that giving of one’s time in community services is just as important. As a note on tithing, they teach that tithing removes any blockages that may block the flow of blessings into our lives. By detaching ourselves from the physical world, and money, and giving of it freely, we allow ourselves to be more of an open channel by which blessings can easily flow and also be received.

Growing up in a very strict Christian church, I will admit, I always felt as though when the pastor would preach on tithing and anything related to money really, that the church was a bit money hungry. It is actually one of the major things that turned me off from church. However, as I have explored my spirituality in other areas, the subject of tithing is a constant in all spiritual avenues, and after really digging into it in my Kabbalah class, I understood it much better from a perspective of how it benefits my life (vs. just the church).

At a woman’s night at my friend’s church the other night the speaker, Nicole Crank, said something which finally put tithing into perspective for me in a way where I just got it. Which was that our donation/money offering is buying us the things that cannot be bought. The thought of parting with 10% of my income is much more tolerable when I know that I am certain what I am really doing is investing that 10% into miracles and blessings.

Not only that, but seeing my money go to someone in need… that is a joy all on its own. Helping other people feels good. You just have to shift out of the mind set that it is your money. Sure, it is your money in one sense, but really it is not. All of our money comes from God and Spirit and us utilizing our innate gifts and talents to make a living. What we make, we shouldn’t see as ours, but as a gift from God. How we contribute those gifts back to the world dictates the blessings we continue to see in our lives.

Today is the new Moon in Aries, which brings focus to new beginnings and eliminating old negative thought patterns. My intention for this new moon is to start giving back more, of both my time and money. I have gotten to a place where I know that giving what I have will bless me back, and so I have no fear in parting ways with my time or money in the name of blessing others. I know it will bless me, others, and ultimately the consciousness of the world, and I am excited and grateful to see where this journey takes me.

Much love and light to you all!

– Christine

I know I’m getting pretty behind on my daily writing, however, I’ve been stuck in this weird limbo feeling for the past two weeks as I’ve been waiting to hear back on a situation. I don’t want to talk about it until I know it’s really happening, so because I don’t want to talk about it, I’ve basically not been wanting to really talk about anything. That’s a pretty lame excuse for not writing though, so really I just need to stop letting myself get dissuaded by excuses.

As I have mentioned, I am currently taking classes in Kabbalah which help me better understand the mind and the ego. It’s been extremely transformative for me in terms of understanding my own responsibility in all of my reactions to things in life.

More than that, Kabbalah has taught me a deeper understanding for the universe and the fundamental explanation of why we are in the energetic climate that we are currently experiencing, and what I can do personally in order to better humanity.

Check out this week’s post from Kabbalah Student, Billy Phillips. The video at the end absolutely blew my mind, because I not only understood and believed it to be true, but I felt it was true in my soul. The purpose of all of creation and how we achieve utopia and peace on earth is explained in the video. Which to think that we are in the moment in time where this information is now being disseminated to the masses and a global awakening IS in fact happening… is mind blowingly awesome.

The energy of the world right now is slowly shifting towards realization that we are all one, and what we do to another, we do to ourselves. As we become aware of this, it is my belief that we will rapidly see our world shift towards a place centered in love and peace. Love for all our fellow man kind, just as we love ourselves. Those in positions of power who have been driven by greed and corruption for so long will even be converted to love. The power structure currently in place IS coming down. Trust in that, and know that incredible, amazing, things are starting to happen in our world. We are alive during the conscious awakening of the world, and if we focus on our own awakening and learning during this time we will reap incredible benefits and rewards almost immediately within our lives.

Such an incredible time to be alive.

Sit on that information for a minute and then think about what you are doing to discover and unleash your own gifts to the world right now. Is your path rooted in love? Love of self, and love for your fellow man? That is what your aim should be. To live in love, by following the pull of your heart. Heart centered living. This is the only path forward to true happiness in life.

Not sure how you do this? Start by tuning into your heart. Meditate. Quiet your mind. Tune into your heart. This is the starting point for anyone who is ready to start living the best life they can possibly lead. When you quiet your mind and listen, your heart will guide you to the answers that you need.

If you are in the St. Louis area, and would like to learn how to better focus and meditate, I highly recommend checking out this group, SahajaYoga Meditation, they have a great explanation of meditation, followed by a guided meditation. If you regularly attend their classes (which are free!!) they are very helpful in starting one’s journey with meditation.

If you are in another location, you can check out the main website for Sahaja Yoga Meditation to locate groups worldwide. Classes are free everywhere, as the founder of SahajaYoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi says, “Truth cannot be sold, it cannot be purchased”, it is just to be experienced and enjoyed.

Enjoy the truth my friends. Connect with your inner divinity, and live from your heart.

God bless,

– Christine


Do you ever do or say something without really thinking about it, but when you do you hear or see yourself and think that’s not what I really wanted or meant to say? That’s your ego. Your ego is basically your human autopilot. It has been conditioned by every event you have experienced in your life, and whether you realize it or not, it has takes all of those events into account every time you speak or act. So while in your mind you may believe you are over that feud you had with your sister about your green sweater that she borrowed and got a stain on… but subconsciously your ego may still acknowledge it, and still be hurt by it, which is why you didn’t stop yourself from walking through that puddle when you were wearing her nice suede boots a few weeks later. Most often times we may feel entitled to the actions and choices that we make, even when deep down we know it isn’t right, but we feel like it is because it’s based on old stories or false information that is still residing in our ego.

Understanding, re-training, and ultimately reigning in our egos… is how we get to the place of living our truest and best selves. While the example above may be kind of simple, the ego is far from simple. It is our mind literally playing tricks on us. For instance, I have previously wrote about my recent discovery that patience IS actually an important value to have in life. Prior to that discovery though, I used to actually pride myself on my impatience. I would tell people, “Oh, yeah, I have no patience at all” all the time, and never once thought that maybe my impatience was a problem. That was my ego! My ego had no problem with the fact that I was impatient, because my impatience was keeping me from finding a truly deep love… a love that, according to the beliefs of my ego based on my life experiences at a young age, would only open me up to getting hurt. You see, your ego tricks you to “protect you”.

Now, while it’s intentions are seemingly good… the “protection” that your ego is providing is really not protecting you from anything, but the ghosts of traumas that we endured early on in life. These protections were learned during our developmental years when we lacked the ability to truly understand the impacts of events that we were put into as children. Everyone has different experiences that they went through that have shaped them differently, but at the core of it all there is our ego creating stories to help “protect” our mind. However, as we get older, those stories we have been telling ourselves actually start to hurt us more than they help us at some point. You see those issues that we couldn’t quite process at the time in our youth… are things we MUST face as adults in order to be able to live as our best selves.

We did an exercise in my Kabbalah class last night where we took a list of certain behaviors and numbered them from 1-12, with one being the least like you, and 12 being the most like you. Then on the next page it had you list what you wrote for number one (least like you), and state what it was about that action that you thought it showed for people who take that action. Then you were to list what you thought people who do this action are lacking.

So, in my case, the action I picked for number one was “First in line to get food”, and what I listed as what I thought about people who do this is that they are unkind. I listed I thought it was unkind because, I believe, it is very simple and easy to wait for for other people to get their food before you, and that was the kind thing to do.

Okay. So after doing this exercise, our teacher flipped the script on all of us, and told us how the action that we picked as our number one (least like us), was in fact the biggest challenge aspect of our ego.

So in my case, kindness, is actually the biggest trick that my ego plays on me. Which took me a minute to really grasp. However, I do tend be a people pleaser, and my kind actions do often come at the expense of my own self, so for me, my over indulgence of kindness is actually a detriment at times to my ability to be my best self. It was quite the eye opening moment.

Realizations and moments like those, where we uncover the hidden truths behind our behaviors and our actions, are the moments we should all be working towards in our lives. Understanding why we say and do things that deep down we know aren’t serving our greatest selves, are the keys to being able to one day live as the best versions of ourselves.

It is not easy. By any means. However, I think the first, and most important step in the process is to understand that you alone are the only one who is responsible for your actions and behaviors. Your reactions are representations of your ego, which has been formed by the core of the challenges you have faced in life. So to correct your ego, you must correct your issues. Which, yes, can be sometimes very painful and hard to face. However, I promise you that continuing to live a life driven by an ego that is rooted in such misguided perceptions of reality… will ultimately hurt much more, and not just yourself, but everyone in your life. This is the key to not only your own salvation, but also the world’s, because to become a better society, we must all work to become better people in our own lives first.

(I just want to add one thing, in my pursuit to understand myself, my ego, my actions, and my life, I have sought out many teachings. None have led me to such profound levels of understanding as the teachings of Kabbalah has. Kabbalah is not a religion. It is a series of courses developed from a book called The Zohar, to help us understand our minds using various tools and studies. I highly recommend checking out the Kabbalah Centre website for more information about Kabbalah, as well as online classes, or to check out a Centre in your area. The St. Louis Kabbalah Centre is located in Clayton next to Five Star Burgers. They not only have ongoing courses (Kabbalah 1, 2, etc.), but they also have many one night events which are great for understanding one off topics that don’t really require a whole course to learn. In addition to the website, you can also go and like them on Facebook to get updates when they post and schedule new events! Please, feel free to ask me about it if you have any questions or are curious to learn more. I believe the Kabbalah Centre is truly teaching the lessons that our world needs most. The lessons which help us see our true selves and transform our lives to be the best they can be.)

Many blessings of insight and wisdom to you all!

– Christine

Many of you may think that my decision to quit drinking is something that I just decided to do one day after a terrible night out or something. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I first recognized that drinking wasn’t doing me any good about 2 years ago. I recognized it was an issue, but I wasn’t ready to actually stop. After I became aware of the negative ways that drinking was affecting my life, slowly but surely, I began to stop getting any kind of enjoyment from drinking. The day after Christmas 2016 I woke up only to have a vague memory of driving myself home, and that was it for me. I reached my zero tolerance level for myself. No longer did drinking offer any enjoyment, no, all it did was make me a danger to myself and those around me, and that was finally crystal clear to me. That was my A-ha moment. Since making that mental shift, it has become easy for me to dismiss my ego when that little voice creeps in with “Well, one drink won’t hurt..” Yes it will. I’ve proven it time and time again, and I’m done tempting fate. There is no point.

Tonight in my Kabbalah class we learned about the three stages of Transformation, and it hit home with me not only about drinking but about all the changes I am trying to make in life. I thought it was very interesting and wanted to share it with you all. To summarize, the three stages of transformation are:

  1. Obliviousness with a want for change: In the beginning you are oblivious to whatever issues you have within yourself that need to change. You can’t see the exact problem you may have but you start to know you want to change something. Once you know you want to change, slowly you will start to become aware of your behavior/thoughts/beliefs that are in fact not serving your highest good. At the point of awareness you move into the second phase…
  2. Awareness, and Enjoyment: Once you become aware of what your issues are, rarely do they immediately change. People are drawn to things that bring them enjoyment, so your behavior is bringing you some level of enjoyment or else you wouldn’t be doing it to begin with. The key to this phase is that as we become more and more aware of why our behavior is ultimately not serving our highest good, slowly it looses any feelings of enjoyment for us. Until finally we reach…
  3. Zero Tolerance: The a-ha moment. Once we make the mental shift to a belief of zero tolerance for our behavior we will reject that behavior going forward. That’s just human nature. Once we recognize that something does not bring us enjoyment, we will no longer have a want to continue with it. That’s when total transformation occurs.

I found it very enlightening to think of change in this format. The key factor is awareness. For me the key factor after awareness, is not to get lost in beating yourself up for continuing to make the same mistake even after you are aware that it is a problem. We are all human and we all have our issues, so don’t beat yourself up about it, work hard to understand it. As our teacher explained last night, it really comes down to figuring out what enjoyment you are still deriving from making that mistake. Something about it still “feels” good to you so you are going to continue to keep doing it. However, once you understand what it is that you think you are enjoying about it and measure that up to the true negatives of the decision, that is when it usually becomes easy to see that in the end what little fun you are getting from it isn’t worth the pain in the end. And then you change.

Anyways, I thought the lesson tonight was very timely and interesting and I wanted to spread the wisdom around. We are currently experiencing a time when big changes and realizations are more possible than they have been in a long time. I’m big into astrology, and for the next month all of the planets are moving direct, so what that means is that we have all of the positive energy flow that is possible in the universe currently surrounding us and pushing us forward. We are able to have great clarity and much positive energy right now guiding us to follow our biggest dreams and achieve big goals.

So if you have been stuck in phase 2 for awhile now with some decisions, its very possible now is the time that you move into zero tolerance and experience total transformation. Like a caterpillar out of its cocoon, I cannot wait to see the beauty that is about to erupt in our world over the next month!

Blessings to all,

– Christine


So this morning one of the first things I saw on Facebook this morning was a video of a former pastor stating how he believes the Bible was in fact not written by Jesus, but by man to manipulate men. He went on to say that he 100 percent believes in God, but that the Bible was not a product of God, but of man. First thought: duh, Jesus didn’t write the bible the apostles wrote the bible. Or something like that right? (My bible study days are a bit foggy at this point in life.) My second thought: duh, this is why religion is not the same thing as spirituality. However, after reading comment after comment from disappointed Christians about how sad it was that this former pastor no longer believed in God (even though he clearly stated that he did still believe in God), I came to the conclusion that today was as good a day as any to explain Religion vs. Spirituality. I hadn’t planned on going this deep so soon, but one cannot fight where the light leads them. 🙂

One of the first things I am quick to clarify with new people in my life is that I am a spiritual person, but I am not religious. How’s that you may ask? Well, I grew up attending private school my whole life, church almost every Sunday, and not just one religion, but a multitude of religions over my life as my mother and father tried to figure out their own religious standings. However, it was not until 2 years ago that I actually came to know God.  13 years of private school education and I found God at 28 while meditating on top of a hill. I had an experience that day where I opened my eyes and I suddenly saw everything around me as one connected orb. I don’t really know how to explain it that well, but in that moment I suddenly knew that God was everything in this universe, every single thing could be broken down into the tiniest of molecules and those molecules were God. This realization changed my life.

After spending a lifetime rebelling against the religion that had been shoved down my throat, I suddenly wanted to know everything there was to know about this God that I had witnessed. Through my quest to find out more about God, I have explored many different “religions” over the past 2 years. At the time I was attending a Unity church, which is what had gotten me into mediation. So I started by expanding my knowledge of meditation. I found a local meditation group that taught the practice of Sahaja Yoga, a meditation (not actual yoga) that explains how to awaken our inner kundalini. To be clear this group is not a religion, but rather a group that teaches a spiritual tool to awaken the energy within our soul and practice a meditation that walks one through understanding what to do as one pulls forth that energy and it works its way through all of our chakras. (I’m not going to attempt to explain it better than that, but if you are interested, I highly recommend googling it.) During my first visit to Sahaja Yoga the teacher spoke about our DNA, and how everything can be broken down to the smallest particle, and that smallest particle makes up everything in this world. That’s when I knew I was in the right place, as that was exactly what my vision on the hill had revealed to me.

From that meditation class, I found another meditation group with a local yogini. She hosted a group meditation where she would walk us deep into our inner minds, and then concluded with a discussion on whatever life topic she had chosen for the week. The talks with yogini were always quite profound, as the group would talk and it seemed everyone had a general understanding of the topic she had picked out for the week. However, then inevitably she would turn the tables upside down on us with her divine wisdom as to why what we all were seeing was in fact not true but rather the product of our limited minds and beliefs. It was here that I learned to open my mind quite a bit and started to question everything.

From there, my spiritual journey, through a string of coincidences (coincidences are one of the ways that the Universe speaks to us FYI), landed me in a class taught by a local spiritual life coach, Jean Walters, over the book “A Course in Miracles”. The course in miracles is a book written by two atheists who say that God directed them to write the book. It has many lessons, but what our course focused on was the work book aspect which is 365 daily lessons on how to break down the thoughts of the ego so that you can start to stop your destructive thoughts and behaviors in the mind before they turn into action. I’ll be honest I have not made it super far into my 365 lessons, but from what I have read, it has helped me shift to a mental understanding that helps me to look at things in the present moment with fresh eyes. Free of judgment and assumptions which are only based on the past. It’s an awesome mental shift to make.

Perhaps due to my newfound ability to see things without assumptions and judgments, I recently decided to take a class on Kabbalah. (Yes, the Madonna religion *sigh*) Now I am new to the study of Kabbalah, so my explanation of it is almost undoubtedly not going to be correct, however, what Kabbalah is to me is a collection of tools and teachings that help a person to better understand their own mind. For instance you have a thought, one has thousands of thoughts throughout the day, but one does not act on all of those thoughts. Kabbalah (again in simpleton terms) is the process of understanding your own process of how you move a thought from thinking to doing. It helps you understand the road blocks in your mind that keep you from doing the things that you wish you were doing, and provides tools to help you stop doing the things that you wish you weren’t doing. That is only scratching the surface of Kabbalah I am sure, but I am excited to continue my classes and learn more about this practice.

So… what’s my point here? Religion is not spirituality. Religion IS man made, and therefore is fallible. All of the various religions that exist are simply one person’s way of trying to explain God, or in some cases just people’s attempt to control other people. In fact, I have come to general guideline for religions, which is that if your religion dictates that I must hate or turn my back on any person because your religion says so… then I do not view that religion as a true dedication to following the God that I know. The God that I know is simply pure love for all. As for spirituality, the definition really says it all:

“Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all.”

If you take away anything from this, let it be that you are a spiritual being as much as you are a human being, and as such you should seek out your own spiritual journey, whatever that may look like for you. Don’t let religious rules scare you off, take everything with a grain of salt, open your mind, and explore where your heart leads you. A good place to start? Ask the universe to guide you. Ask, and then meditate on the answer. When you clear your mind, the answers will come.

Much love and blessings to you all.

– Christine