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Two to three years ago I downloaded a daily horoscope app on my phone. I had always been intrigued by astrology and horoscopes and I wanted a way to check mine more regularly. I never took my horoscope all that seriously. I more saw it as a heads up on the energy that was coming my way on any given day. After a year of reading my horoscope almost daily, I could confidently say that I truly believed in the accuracy of what I was reading. It wasn’t an exact science, but what I read everyday always seemed to fall in line with the general air of energy that I was feeling. It was my little way of making sure I was staying on track with what the universe was sending my way I guess. Today, it is not only something I have come to believe in, but as I have learned more about astrology in general, it is something that I have come to advise people about regularly, as its something I believe can help everyone. So I wanted to take a minute to explain what I know about this, and provide some understanding around it, so that perhaps next time I mention something about the energy of the universe to any of you, you won’t look at me like I have three heads.

The basics: There are twelve zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign has specific characteristics that people of that sign display. I’m an Aquarius. I am highly independent, passionate for the truth, idealistic, intellectual, and very outgoing. Your main zodiac sign, your sun sign, is determined by your day of birth. Your sun sign is the type of energy that follows you on a long yearly type basis. Meaning that it is the overarching energy vibe that is ever present in your life. However, many of you may be surprised to learn that you have a second sign, your rising sign, which is determined by the time of day you were born. I was born at 9:02 AM, which makes me Pisces rising. Your rising sign is the energy you tend to align more with on a daily basis, typically it is the energy that is adopted by your ego. Many times people will read their horoscope based on their sun sign and think that doesn’t really align with them, and what I have come to realize is that the more you lead with your ego, the more you actually align with your rising sign, than your sun sign.

As in life, living from  your true self and not your ego, is something that takes practice and understanding to really be able to do. Once I understood the energy of my ego was Pisces, that helped me to better understand that side of myself. As an Aquarius I am someone who is always in pursuit of the truth, however, my ego, tends to be secretive. This is because unlike most Aquarius, I have a lot of Pisces in me, and Pisces tend to not only be highly emotional, but they also keep their emotions hidden. For me this resulted in my ego getting very good at hiding my out of control emotions, and therefore coming off as a secretive.

Have I lost you yet? Hope not!

So you have two signs, okay what else? Well you also have a lot of various signs in you depending on when you were born. In addition to Aquarius and Pisces, I also have a lot of Scorpio in my chart. What is this chart I am speaking of? Well it looks like this:


In the middle is earth. Around the edges you have the twelve signs of the zodiac. The points all correspond to the planets. So when we say Mars is in Capricorn, that means Mars is aligned with the sign of Capricorn. Each planet has an energy vibe to it. Each sign has its energy vibe to it. Depending on which planets are aligned with which signs on any given day, determines the energy waves that we are receiving here on earth. Thus, that is how daily astrological energy is determined. Side note: Planets moving in retrograde mean that the planet is moving backwards (at least in respect to its position to Earth), planets moving non-retrograde are said to be moving direct.

That is the basic extent of what I have learned thus far in astrology, but simply understanding my own signs helped me understand myself and my ego tremendously. Understanding the positioning of daily energy forces is what I generally talk about with people when I advise on the type of energy we are experiencing as a planet.

Currently, we are in a time frame of tremendously powerful energy. All planets are moving direct until February 6th. Which means that we are receiving positive energy from all of the planets right now. This is bringing boosts of extreme clarity and positive motivation to us. This is a time frame where HUGE miracles can happen. We are able to understand ourselves and what we want better than we have been able to for months. It’s like the fog is lifted. So take advantage!! If you have strong feelings about something you think you need to do in your life right now, but it’s a big change, or seems kind of crazy… trust yourself!! The universe is aligning and giving us the courage to do the impossible right now. If you think you can, then you can! Make those plans, set those crazy goals, and do it!! This is no time for letting fear hold you back.

To conclude, I want to leave you with some websites that will help you learn more about your signs, your energy, and the daily energy of the universe.

To calculate your rising sign, you can go here. If you don’t know  your birth hour, you won’t be able to find this out though. If it’s not on  your birth certificate, ask your parents if they remember.

For a reading of your birth chart, meaning the picture above but what it was the day you were born, and an explanation of what each planet within each house of each sign means in terms of your energy make up, visit this site. This site will generate your report, and give you a full report, which also does a good job of explaining what each house means in general and then specifically for you as well. If your time of birth is unknown, just use 12:00 AM. It won’t be exact, but it will be close.

For an explanation of the daily energy out there in the Universe, I follow daily_astrol0gy_ on instagram. She is awesome, and while she doesn’t always get a chance to post daily, her insights are incredible and always leave me feeling very prepared on how to face the day or coming days.

So that’s Astrology 101, a crash course in the basics. If you have questions, feel free to ask me, and I will do my best to give an answer. I truly believe that understanding your own chart, and the daily vibes of the universe, are very beneficial tools to us all in life. I hope you have enjoyed!

Stay blessed my celestial star friends!

– Christine