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I say a lot of things, particularly in regards to my dating life and what I would and would not accept in a man, however, I thought it might be time to set the record straight.

There is one thing that a man must have in order for me to fall for him, and that is the ability to make me laugh. If you can take anything I say to you and turn it back to me with a witty remark and an indignant look that elicits a laugh out of me, I probably already have a crush on you.

In addition to laughter, I also need a man with intelligence. The kind that can back me up with sound logic when my reasoning of “because it’s Gemini season” doesn’t satisfy whomever I may be explaining life to at any given moment, lol. I deal in the realm of the ether… because of that I appreciate men who are in the know on a lot of things and are there to back me up with knowledge, whether they understand my crazy logic or not.

Which brings me to another important quality: patience. I need a man that understands the importance of patience in getting to know someone and start a relationship. Someone that is willing to take their time and develop a friendship first and see where that goes. It takes a long time for me to open up to someone and for them to really know who I truly am. I have a lot of scars that I like to pretend aren’t there, and so only when I know someone truly isn’t going somewhere do I begin to open about these things. 

Lastly, I want a man that can talk to me, tell me what he is feeling, and be open enough to listen to me talk about my feelings and figure out what I’m feeling as I say it. I work things out as I speak, so I can’t have someone that takes everything I say literally. I need a man who will help me work out my thoughts, question me as I talk, and make me think about what it is that I am really trying to say.

These are the things that I want. Nothing else really matters. You would think the combo of all of these things wouldn’t be so hard to find, but it has been. I guess because I’m not always looking either. I have faith the universe will put the right man in my path when I am ready and life will make it all happen.

So cheers to the Universe for making it happen.

Happy Monday!

– Christine







Last night marked the beginning of what I can feel is going to be an incredible journey for my life.

I hosted a Vision Board class in my home last night. For those not familiar, a vision board can be many things, but it’s purpose is to create a concrete visual of the goals, dreams, and energies that you want to attract in your life. When we have something with those things on it, where we can look at it everyday, and remain focused on what it is that we truly want in our lives, it adds to the power and momentum which is required to bring those things to fruition in our lives.

On a whim, a month or so ago, I decided that I wanted to do a vision board class. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, or how it was going to shape up, but I knew that the New Moon brings the perfect energy for manifesting goals and intentions, so I set the class for the next New Moon, created a Facebook event, invited everyone I knew, and waited to see what happened.

As time drew closer I started researching the energy of this specific New Moon, which was in Taurus. Reading about the patient, grounded energy that Taurus brings, and how it can help us to figure out where we really want to focus our time and attention in life, I knew that the class was going to have all of the energy and exact vibes that I was looking for it to create, both for myself, and for others. It truly all came together very nicely.

Teaching the class last night taught me two things about myself: 1) While I have resisted following in my mother’s footsteps of teaching thus far in my life, there IS in fact an inner kindergarten teacher inside of me who absolutely loves to create fun, inspirational, and crafty learning experiences for people. And 2) There is totally an inner guru inside of me who loves explaining the energy currents, leading meditations, and inspiring people to think outside the box.

I’ll be honest, I have so many ideas and dreams about what I want to do in this life, and lately I have been feeling a bit lost as to what it is I TRULY want to do. What is my core mission? What do I want to focus on? I have been asking myself those questions for the past few weeks trying to figure that out. The answer I have been getting is that I want to inspire people. Which, is great, but what does that mean? What does that look like?

Last night I learned what that looks like. It looks like me directing a group of very smart, inspired, forward thinking women on how to work with the current energies of universe in order to best visualize and set their focus and intentions for the month ahead. My strengths lie in three key areas: 1) Socializing/Networking 2) Planning/Organizing and 3) Outside the Box Thinking. When you combine all of those with the goal of wanting to inspire people… you get one bad ass vision board class teacher. 🙂

I definitely don’t think that vision boarding is where this stops either. It is a great class, and I will definitely be doing it again, probably on a monthly basis actually. However, what last night really showed me is that I am on exactly the right track with what I want to do with my life. I felt alive last night in the best way possible. Now all I want is to help everyone else in the world feel that same way, which is exactly what I was put here to do.

I. Can. Not. Wait!!!!

Here are some of the finished products of last night:


Stay blessed all,

– Christine




Here we are, 97 days into 2017, and I have completed 50 blogs for the year up to this point. That is certainly less than I had originally planned, given my ‘365 Days of Writing’ project was all about forcing myself to write everyday, however, it is a heck of a lot more blogs than I have ever posted before, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it too much. If it takes me 2 years to complete ‘365 Days of Writing’ then so be it. I do have these grand plans in my mind that I will one day sit down and play catch up, writing several blogs in a day, to the point where I am eventually back on track. Given my success rate of posting daily is at 50% though, I do not foresee this grand scheme to get myself back on track ever really coming to fruition.

I digress.

I am thankful to all of you who have joined me on this journey thus far, and who continue to read and offer words of encouragement along the way.

I have always known that I like to write. Forcing myself to do so in a more regulated manner has shown me that it is entirely possible for me to write and maintain a blog presence. While writing everyday is certainly a challenge, writing a few times a week is most certainly doable.

I am looking forward to where this journey takes me.

Have a good weekend all!

– Christine


Real talk: My legs are a bit unsteady since they are plated together, full of metal rods, and uneven. (Which if you want to read about you can do so here.) It’s fine, I can walk, I can do everything I want to do at this point in life, however, my legs for sure have an expiration date. Within 5-10 years I will need a hip replacement in both hips, those currently last for about 10 years… so I’m in no hurry to get those done. My one knee has also been bothering me a bit more lately. So with all of this, and just general getting older, I’ve been starting to feel these aches and pains a bit more than normal lately. Over the past few weeks, with moving, and everything going on, all of it has been a bit sore. I stopped playing volleyball because indoor is just too rough on me. I told myself I would just take it easy, but volleyball is my love… I do not know how to take it easy, nor do I want to, not for now at least. It’s okay, I will pick it back up with sand in the summer. Life will go on.

My point: I am grateful my legs even work and I am alive, but some days they are still a bit janky and it can be painful to do things… like walk or move a lot.

At least that’s how I used to feel, until I got my new special shoes, KLOMPEN!!!


These amazing shoes came from my friend Rachel, who got them in the Netherlands where this type in particular is used by gardeners and farmers, while working outside. Slowly the wooden insole forms to your foot and is recommended by orthopedics. Which, would explain why when I put them on, my step is pain free!

I am so excited, I have been coming home from work each day, putting on the klompen and been klomping all over my house. I sound like a horse trotting through the house, I can’t even lie. It has been amazing for my legs though!

Anyways, that’s my excitement for the day, my legs don’t hurt when I wear my special klompen shoes, if your legs hurt, maybe you should give them a try! 🙂


– Christine, Klompen Fanatic

The yard at my new house is not very big, and also has no space for a shed or somewhere to store a large lawn mower. So as I was perusing the let go app last week, I came across an ad for an old push mower and thought that might just be perfect for my small yard! Knowing nothing about the old push mowers though, I turned to Google to give me some answers. I needed to know if it was light enough that I could carry down the steps to my basement, what kind of maintenance it required, and how well it actually cuts grass. After doing a little research I found that most are fairly light weight, and that they do eventually need blade sharpening, which can be expensive and hard to find places that actually do it. Other tips I came across were to not let the grass get super long, as it doesn’t cut long grass well, and that you may have to mow in various directions to get all the grass.

After one week in the house, my grass was getting long, and without a big budget, the $25 push mower on this app was looking pretty good (especially since I could move it with my car), so I went and bought it. As soon as I got home with the mower I went straight to work in the yard to see if this thing was gonna cut it, literally, lol. After spending five minutes trying to push it in the wrong direction, I finally realized what was happening, flipped the handle to the other side, and pushed away. Twenty minutes later, my yard was mowed! No gas, no bagging, no problems!

It did take some arm strength to power through, but I’m excited to have a new arm work out, as my arms could definitely use it.

Bottom line: I’m super excited about my little push mower, and the fact that I can mow my yard in only twenty minutes. Last night (a week and half after the fist mow), I realized at 7:15 PM that it might be my only day with a break in the rain that would allow me to mow. I had plans at 8:00 as well. No sweat on either front, I quickly pulled my little mower out of the basement, took a few runs up and down the yard, and I was done!

Anyways, that’s the latest on my house progress. I’m pretty into yard mowing with the push mower. ☺

Happy Thursday all!!

– Christine