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I haven’t written in quite sometime, and I feel like I have been avoiding myself by doing so. Writing is a lot of times my mirror. It’s how I look at my thoughts and my feelings and can try to make sense of them. Today I find myself more lost in my thoughts and emotions than I have all year.

On one hand, I am creating a business and a life that is truly helping people. When I am on the phone coaching clients, or doing clarity sessions with astrology, I am helping people come to major realizations and understandings about themselves, and it is the most incredible experience in the world. I know that I have the ability to inspire people through my own life stories, and I am working on several speeches and talks that I want to give as well. These things bring me so much joy to think about, and I know that I am on the right track in what I am doing, and that my professional future is very bright.

On the other hand… my personal life, specifically my relationships, are not doing so well. As a sexual abuse survivor, relationships come with a lot of hurdles for me to overcome within myself. I have trust issues. I have low self esteem, which leads to insecurity issues. I grew up always creating chaos around me in order to push people away from me; and now as an adult no matter how hard I try, the chaos still manages to find its way in. I have this ingrained belief that if I let people get close to me, I will get hurt, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to shake that.

These are all challenges that I have been working on in therapy for years, but yet they are still there. They resurface any time I try to have a relationship with someone. They are the reason I would rather be alone at times then try to work at relationship.

At the end of the day though, we all crave the ability to relate to other people, and that is because relationships are a necessity for us to learn and grow. I guess that’s what is driving my passion for my business. It is how I’ve found a way to relate to people in a positive way for right now.

One of the unexpected benefits of coaching that I have found, is that I tend to attract people to me who are going through challenges that are similar to my own. I think that is the Universe’s way of helping me to help myself. It’s hard to spend an hour telling someone about all the positive ways they can impact their own life, and then sit back and look at myself, who has all the same issues, and not feel compelled to take my own advice.

As I write this, I am preparing for a call with a client, and I am already feeling slightly better and inspired by her. I have a pre-session form with a number of questions, and one in particular asks “How will you move yourself forward in the week following our call?”  I love her answer:

  1. Be mindful of everything I do.
  2. If I do something that goes against my thinking I will acknowledge it and let myself know that I am doing the best I can
  3. I will love myself and tell myself daily
  4. Get good rest
  5. Fill myself with nutrition
  6. Hydrate
  7. Move, stay active

Those are all things I think I could really use some focus on in my own life right now. Whenever life gets overwhelming, it’s always best to go back to the basics and make sure you are making self care a priority.

We are going through some powerful transformation energy right now, that is highlighting our own behaviors that need some changing right now. Changing deeply rooted thoughts and behaviors is not easy, and it doesn’t happen over night. It is important to remember to be gentle on yourself and those around you as we work through these growing pains.

I know as I continue to work on myself, and continue to work with others in positive ways, slowly I will find better ways of relating in my personal life as well.

Positive, and patient thoughts are the prescription for this week.

Thanks for reading lovelies, I’ll be back to posting more regularly going forward. For my own sanity. 🙂

With love and light,




I don’t know about you, but for me, August was jam packed with stuff. Work was crazy, my house was busy (Oh, I am renting my house on AirBNB now, check it out!), and there was also no shortage of relationship insights and revelations via the men in my life.

I spent the last week in Florida with my family, enjoying the ocean air and sun, and after such a jam packed month… I spent the week reveling in disconnecting from all my responsibilities and tasks, and let myself enjoy not having to do a damn thing if I didn’t want to. It was great.

However, as the month wraps up, I am back at work this week, back on the mental grind of figuring out where I am steering this ship that is my life, and back at this game of trying to force myself to write.

I believe more than anything what I am taking away from this busy month (which was also jam packed with celestial energy, pushing us all to new heights of self growth revelations), is the gift of being present in each moment. Mentally, I often find myself dwelling in the past, or worrying about the future, yet, this month which so much going on, I was forced to focus on the present moment more than normal, which was good. It was a bit foreign to me though. I didn’t fully embrace the present moment for all that it could have offered. Looking back on several moments, I can see that my relationships and connections may have stood to gain more meaning had I opened myself up in certain situations.

I react instinctively to so many situations, with a set response or reaction, that has just been my go to response for so very long, that I rarely look at each situation in the present moment to recognize the uniqueness of this situation and appreciate it for what it is. Later, as I sit and reflect, I will often see how I missed out in the moment because I didn’t see it for what it truly was. I live in a land of assumptions, which I now see are keeping me from living more fully in the present. So, as this past eclipse brings with it the strong energy of change and the ability to see ourselves and our flaws more clearly, I can now see the impact that living a more present life could have for me… and I am excited to push myself in this area of growth.

For me personally, the eclipse, which was on the 28 degree of Leo, falls into the 8th House in my birth chart. The 8th house rules sexuality, commitments, intimacy, and metamorphosis. What this means, is that for the next 6 months (as we continue to soak in the full effect of the eclipse for 6 months), if I focus on those areas I will be able to see my inherent flaws in these areas with much more clarity, thereby giving me a greater ability to change them. With realizing the effects of my challenges with assumptions and being present, I can already see the potential positive effects that this period of change will bring to my life. Because of this… I do see that I may be more reclusive over the next 6 months. Saving more time for myself, to better understand my challenges in these areas, and also investing more of myself into the interactions that I do have with people… which will end up taking more out of me, and thereby leaving me more selective about whom I spend my time with.

These are the insights that this powerful and busy month has left me with, and if you don’t see me out as much in the next few months, this is why.

It is a very powerful time right now for transformation. Take some time to look at your life, and see how the flaws in your mental thought process may be holding you back. The Universe is conspiring to disseminate radical change right now, within our lives and on a grand scale in our world as well. Step back, see where your beliefs are limiting you, know that you are a being of pure light and love who is capable of doing anything you set your mind to, and know that change, while sometimes hard, is now so very necessary for us all. ❤

Talk soon,

– Christine


PS. If you are interested in finding out about how this eclipse affects you personally, I am offering free eclipse insights to the first five readers to respond. Comment on FB, or reach out directly at  ❤


“All Lives Matter… so take a look at your own: A guide on how to be a better human being and do your part for the world.”

That’s an idea for a book I just had.

Do me a favor, go read this nice update from Karen Berg. Go on, it’s quick, it will only take a second.

The truth is, there is a pattern to our hardships, and that pattern is called opportunity.”

Man, this is such a timely update/topic. We could not be at a time of greater opportunity in the world. On a massive scale, and also in our own lives.

We are at a time of break through and final recognition of opportunity that has been presenting itself as hardship in our nation, and in our lives.

This entire election process has brought so many different view out from so many people, and I think what we need to all see in that is the drive and the push for change is here and now.

Our world is changing.

No longer is hate, racism, and misogyny hiding behind closed doors, no it’s out and on center stage.

We have an opportunity here.

When that much hate is brought out into the light, the human response is drive to fix it.

How do we fix it. We all have different view and different opinions so how do we come to an agreement.

I think it first starts with understanding humanity and compassion. I also believe that the onslaught of hate is doing just that, bringing out more humanity and compassion from all of us.

As we learn to look at life with more compassion, then we learn to get better at looking at life from another view. When we shift our views, and shift towards a global understanding, well that’s where real, amazing, positive change happens.

We have just started a new 9 year cycle of energy. It is also the Age of Aquarius. The age of new thinking and of upholding strongly developed ideals. It is a time where we are capable of making the mental shifts, as a collective whole, that are needed in order to live in a better world. We are at the forefront of that energy, and it’s amazing once you realize that and start seeing all of the challenges before us now as opportunities… man that sounds exciting!

It is truly an incredible time to be alive.

Personally, I know I feel it as well. I have a push to look deeper at all of the challenges and situations in my life and figure out where I can do better, how I can be better. I am ready to open my mind to new thoughts of thinking and push myself to go outside of my comfort zone. That is where real miracles happen you know? Outside of our comfort zone. You can’t stay in your bubble of what you’ve always done or known and expect change. That’s the trick to it all. You’ve got to be the change. You have to do something different.

Change is not easy. It does not happen over night. Rewiring the way you think is a very tedious undertaking. However, when you look within yourself and you see the life and the world that you know we are capable of, that is where you must set your goal to be. When you see yourself there, when you envision that place of equality and peace, then you will start to align your life and your choices with those achievements… and that’s where radical change happens.

I know it can be easy to get angered and discouraged when it seems you aren’t being heard or understood. When you start to feel that way though, perhaps you should look for the opportunity in the situation. Step outside your comfort zone and do something different than what you normally do. Open your mind, and see where life takes you.

I bet you won’t regret it.

Happy Monday everyone!

– Christine



Many of you may think that my decision to quit drinking is something that I just decided to do one day after a terrible night out or something. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I first recognized that drinking wasn’t doing me any good about 2 years ago. I recognized it was an issue, but I wasn’t ready to actually stop. After I became aware of the negative ways that drinking was affecting my life, slowly but surely, I began to stop getting any kind of enjoyment from drinking. The day after Christmas 2016 I woke up only to have a vague memory of driving myself home, and that was it for me. I reached my zero tolerance level for myself. No longer did drinking offer any enjoyment, no, all it did was make me a danger to myself and those around me, and that was finally crystal clear to me. That was my A-ha moment. Since making that mental shift, it has become easy for me to dismiss my ego when that little voice creeps in with “Well, one drink won’t hurt..” Yes it will. I’ve proven it time and time again, and I’m done tempting fate. There is no point.

Tonight in my Kabbalah class we learned about the three stages of Transformation, and it hit home with me not only about drinking but about all the changes I am trying to make in life. I thought it was very interesting and wanted to share it with you all. To summarize, the three stages of transformation are:

  1. Obliviousness with a want for change: In the beginning you are oblivious to whatever issues you have within yourself that need to change. You can’t see the exact problem you may have but you start to know you want to change something. Once you know you want to change, slowly you will start to become aware of your behavior/thoughts/beliefs that are in fact not serving your highest good. At the point of awareness you move into the second phase…
  2. Awareness, and Enjoyment: Once you become aware of what your issues are, rarely do they immediately change. People are drawn to things that bring them enjoyment, so your behavior is bringing you some level of enjoyment or else you wouldn’t be doing it to begin with. The key to this phase is that as we become more and more aware of why our behavior is ultimately not serving our highest good, slowly it looses any feelings of enjoyment for us. Until finally we reach…
  3. Zero Tolerance: The a-ha moment. Once we make the mental shift to a belief of zero tolerance for our behavior we will reject that behavior going forward. That’s just human nature. Once we recognize that something does not bring us enjoyment, we will no longer have a want to continue with it. That’s when total transformation occurs.

I found it very enlightening to think of change in this format. The key factor is awareness. For me the key factor after awareness, is not to get lost in beating yourself up for continuing to make the same mistake even after you are aware that it is a problem. We are all human and we all have our issues, so don’t beat yourself up about it, work hard to understand it. As our teacher explained last night, it really comes down to figuring out what enjoyment you are still deriving from making that mistake. Something about it still “feels” good to you so you are going to continue to keep doing it. However, once you understand what it is that you think you are enjoying about it and measure that up to the true negatives of the decision, that is when it usually becomes easy to see that in the end what little fun you are getting from it isn’t worth the pain in the end. And then you change.

Anyways, I thought the lesson tonight was very timely and interesting and I wanted to spread the wisdom around. We are currently experiencing a time when big changes and realizations are more possible than they have been in a long time. I’m big into astrology, and for the next month all of the planets are moving direct, so what that means is that we have all of the positive energy flow that is possible in the universe currently surrounding us and pushing us forward. We are able to have great clarity and much positive energy right now guiding us to follow our biggest dreams and achieve big goals.

So if you have been stuck in phase 2 for awhile now with some decisions, its very possible now is the time that you move into zero tolerance and experience total transformation. Like a caterpillar out of its cocoon, I cannot wait to see the beauty that is about to erupt in our world over the next month!

Blessings to all,

– Christine


My New Years Resolution is one that will keep my accountable to the one thing that I know for certain that my soul should be doing: writing. That’s right, I present to you my accountability structure for 2017, which is 365 Days of Writing. Each day will have a new topic, some topics might make more than one appearance, there are no rules basically, other than that I WRITE everyday. I have struggled with forcing myself to actually write for too long now, so this is my attempt to push past my perfectionism, push past my inability to express myself, and just DO IT. (Yes, I’m a Nike commercial now.)

For my first post, I want to reflect on 2016… The year of learning. Many people had a crappy 2016, for a multitude of reasons. My year had its ups and downs, but yeah, overall I would say it kind of sucked. However, as I was riding through the park on my bike yesterday looking at all the dead trees… I realized that 2016 was just a winter year. It was a year of cold harsh realities and death of life as we knew it. If you are lucky, perhaps you learned something very valuable. Dark times force us into change and growth, so that’s an upside.

Me? I learned a lot in 2016. I learned about patience, which has opened my eyes and changed my entire approach to life. No longer am I in a rush to get everything or have everything that I know I should have. Now I am content enjoying my journey and sitting back to wait and see what the universe has in store. Which is another thing I learned this year. I mean I had heard it before, I thought I understood it, but it wasn’t until I had the patience to sit back and observe it, that I truly understood the fact that we do really create our own reality and our own universe. Our beliefs create our world. If you believe you can, you will, if you believe you can’t, you won’t.

Without trying to be your motivational pep talk for the New Year, I would like to challenge everyone to think about your own beliefs. Think about the dreams and goals that you have. What do you believe is standing in your way of achieving those dreams? Now banish those beliefs… because I have news for you: they aren’t real. Believing in yourself, and your ability to do anything or achieve anything, truly believing it, is the only battle there is. Once you believe you can, you will. However, if you sit in wishy washy confused state not exactly sure of what you want or what you believe… then there you will sit.

I spent most of 2016 in that wishy washy state. I think a lot of us did, and maybe still are even. However, what I learned during this shitty year of confusion is that I was confused because what I want, what I know, and what I believe… are all changing. Change can be scary. Change at the level that shakes you to the core of who you are as a person… feels like death. I can only speak for myself, but I spent most of the latter part of 2016 aware that my life was about to significantly change. Despite the fact that I spent most of 2015 preaching about “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”, I had not actually prepared myself for such change, and so when the time came I was just stuck in a confused sad state, banging my head against the wall trying to figure out where I was going wrong. Until yesterday when I was riding and it suddenly became very clear to me that without Winter there would be no Spring, without death there would not be new life, and without discomfort there would not be change.

2016 was our discomfort… 2017 is our time for change…. and with that… I could not be more excited for the New Year.

Blessings to all, and thanks for reading.

– Christine