365 Days of Writing – Day 18: Opportunity is Knocking…

Posted on: January 23, 2017

“All Lives Matter… so take a look at your own: A guide on how to be a better human being and do your part for the world.”

That’s an idea for a book I just had.

Do me a favor, go read this nice update from Karen Berg. Go on, it’s quick, it will only take a second.

The truth is, there is a pattern to our hardships, and that pattern is called opportunity.”

Man, this is such a timely update/topic. We could not be at a time of greater opportunity in the world. On a massive scale, and also in our own lives.

We are at a time of break through and final recognition of opportunity that has been presenting itself as hardship in our nation, and in our lives.

This entire election process has brought so many different view out from so many people, and I think what we need to all see in that is the drive and the push for change is here and now.

Our world is changing.

No longer is hate, racism, and misogyny hiding behind closed doors, no it’s out and on center stage.

We have an opportunity here.

When that much hate is brought out into the light, the human response is drive to fix it.

How do we fix it. We all have different view and different opinions so how do we come to an agreement.

I think it first starts with understanding humanity and compassion. I also believe that the onslaught of hate is doing just that, bringing out more humanity and compassion from all of us.

As we learn to look at life with more compassion, then we learn to get better at looking at life from another view. When we shift our views, and shift towards a global understanding, well that’s where real, amazing, positive change happens.

We have just started a new 9 year cycle of energy. It is also the Age of Aquarius. The age of new thinking and of upholding strongly developed ideals. It is a time where we are capable of making the mental shifts, as a collective whole, that are needed in order to live in a better world. We are at the forefront of that energy, and it’s amazing once you realize that and start seeing all of the challenges before us now as opportunities… man that sounds exciting!

It is truly an incredible time to be alive.

Personally, I know I feel it as well. I have a push to look deeper at all of the challenges and situations in my life and figure out where I can do better, how I can be better. I am ready to open my mind to new thoughts of thinking and push myself to go outside of my comfort zone. That is where real miracles happen you know? Outside of our comfort zone. You can’t stay in your bubble of what you’ve always done or known and expect change. That’s the trick to it all. You’ve got to be the change. You have to do something different.

Change is not easy. It does not happen over night. Rewiring the way you think is a very tedious undertaking. However, when you look within yourself and you see the life and the world that you know we are capable of, that is where you must set your goal to be. When you see yourself there, when you envision that place of equality and peace, then you will start to align your life and your choices with those achievements… and that’s where radical change happens.

I know it can be easy to get angered and discouraged when it seems you aren’t being heard or understood. When you start to feel that way though, perhaps you should look for the opportunity in the situation. Step outside your comfort zone and do something different than what you normally do. Open your mind, and see where life takes you.

I bet you won’t regret it.

Happy Monday everyone!

– Christine




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The link you provided doesn’t link to the article!

Whoops, good catch, thanks!!

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