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Last night I attended a local meeting on Climate Change, put on by local activist groups Indivisible St. Louis and Citizens Climate Lobby, to help lay out a plan for people on the best ways to go about contacting Congress, and also to brainstorm ideas on solutions for Climate Change. Their last meeting that was held in December, which I did not attend, had 6-10 people at it. The meeting last night had well over 100 people in attendance. A lot has changed from December to now, and I suppose a lot more people see that the unless we stand up for our planet, our government will not.

The meeting was extremely informative. It included first a National Geographic Video clip from the an episode of the show Living Dangerously, which followed Actor Bradley Whitford as he set out on a mission to lobby for Climate Change. In the video we were introduced to Jay Buterra, a long time lobbyist of Climate Change who has been on a mission to convert the Republican party to a group of climate change believers, one member of Congress at a time. Buterra has slowly created a Bi-Partisan Caucus on Climate Change. Jay started with the governor of Florida, as it’s slowly sinking state feels the effects of climate change the most right now, and slowly he has gotten 22 other Republican party members to agree to join the group to lobby Congress to pass a bill stating that Climate Change is real. (Which is ludicrous that Republicans are still denying this is real, but our government is slow to acknowledge and adapt new ideas, which is exactly why this group is slowly making history by converting the party one Congress member at a time.)

The clip of the show, was certainly eye opening, however, after watching the video the group had also had arranged for a live Face Time meeting with Jay Buterra where he addressed some of the issues in more depth, and also gave us all great direction on how to effectively influence Congress. Some of the takeaways I got from the meeting include:

  • Fact: Your voice matters! Congress is coming around to admitting that Climate Change is real, however, their biggest excuse is that they do not hear from their constituents about it enough, so it’s easy for them to say people don’t really care about it.
    Resolution:  We all need to be contacting our members of Congress regularly about the issues that we care about. Our voices matter, but we must use them!! One phone call, or one letter, or one tweet, is not going to do anything either. We need to be constant and persistent. Set a reminder each week and repeat your method of contact weekly to enforce the fact that you really care. This is in regards to whatever issue you are taking up with Congress.
  • Fact: You cannot effectively lobby for all the injustices that are happening right now at once. If you try to be involved in every movement, and every protest, you will be spreading yourself to thin and therefore making all of your efforts less effective.
    Resolution: Pick one thing that you are truly passionate about changing, and put all of your effort into that one thing. Educate yourself to the max on it. Know not only your reasons as why you believe it is necessary, but understand the views of the opposition as well. The only way you can effectively speak to those with opposing views in a manner that may change their mind, is to understand where they are coming from first. When you focus on one thing,  you can accomplish much more towards change than if you are splitting your attention between multiple causes and not really doing a great job at any one of them. Pick one thing, and do it well.
  • Fact: You will not change minds with hate, anger, or Facebook rants. That is a fact. These things only serve to bring y our energy down, and therefore bring down the energy of those around you.
    Resolution: Focus on the positive!! In the instance of Climate Change instead of focusing on how terrible the oil industry is, they suggested we focus on the positives of how many jobs updating our country’s energy infrastructure would bring. Right now, our current power grid cannot handle the massive energy that could be generated in America by adding more wind farms, so in order to prepare for clean energy we need to update America’s power grid, which not only creates jobs, but it also creates a safer, less vulnerable, energy grid for America. Focusing on the good things that will come about from the change that you want will go along way to creating actual change in people’s minds.
  • Fact: Your voice does matter! This one was so important I feel like it needs to be said twice. Many people make comments like “Well I would have done something, but I know my state is heavily Conservative/Republican so me doing anything isn’t going to matter anyways.”
    Resolution: DO NOT BECOME DISILLUSIONED AND THINK THAT YOUR VOICE DOES NOT MATTER!!! It does. The minute you think that you can’t make a difference is the minute the other side wins. They want people to feel like this so it suppresses people from even trying. The truth is, we the people, have a lot more power than we can even imagine.

There are so many different ways to go about being involved in a movement. There was a guy who stood up last night to mention that he likes to create puppets, and he is looking for help to create political puppets that he could do skits with to spread the message with. I thought that was so cool! This guy loves puppets, and so he wants to use that to inspire change! It showed me that you can really take whatever innate talents and abilities that you enjoy and apply those things to creating change. The sky is the limit when we exercise our creativity! Who knows, maybe someone who would never care about an issue sees a puppet show one day on climate change, and THAT is the thing that helps them finally understand the issue and want to help make a change.

Last night, for the first time since the election, I felt a sense of hope about our country. Being in a room full of people who were just as upset and passionate as I am about what is happening here, assured me I am far from alone in this fight. The truth is, many people are not happy about what is going on. Many people have not been happy for a long time, but it took a situation like President Trump to make people understand that the only way we can change anything is by actually being involved. That is when the magic happens. When Americans get involved with their politicians and government and remind them who they work for. We have become complacent as a country, where for many of us, getting involved in politics is the last thing we ever wanted to do. That mentality has to change though. We all must stand up together, and fight for our freedoms. We all must make our voices heard.

Find your cause, dive in, and make a difference. Our country, this world, needs you now more than ever!

God bless,

– Christine



In case you missed the message of my last post, we are all slowly starting to realize that we are not actually free. So what does that mean? It means we are the forefront of a revolution. A revolution of consciousness. Man has created a network that was meant to enslave the masses. Man started with good intention, and built a world that created a world which has brought us to this moment. Which was quite far. However, man could only take us so far before his dominant quest to conquer the world turned into what we now see today. A world of chaos and disorder. A country divided. A world that doesn’t know how to love. This is the moment… where the consciousness steps in, and wakes us up, all of us, Finally.

If you are paying attention, and listening to your soul, you feel this. You know that our government is no longer serving the people, we can see this as our President signs orders that directly violate our constitution. You know that when hate, corruption, and greed, drive all of our policies.You know it when they try to take away science and reason. Meditation is no longer just something hippies do, no, it’s something people of intelligence do. Spirituality no longer means that you must answer to a religion, no, it means you are getting in touch with your inner guide. Our understanding of the system of oppression is changing as we are starting to open our eyes and see what is really going on. We are oppressed. WE are not FREE.

However, we do have rights. We have inalienable rights guaranteed by our forefathers, who set out with pure intentions in their heart to make this the land of the free, and home of the brave, because without courage and bravery in the face of the scary and unknown… we will not be free.

This was always part of the plan. The world works on a system of balance. We are at the edge of destruction… but do not fear. The creator, God, the Beauty of the Universe and it’s grand balancing scales, are about to be reset.

We are now consciously aware of the power struggle that is going on at an elite level, as we can see it loud and clear living out right now in our day to day lives of chaos and disunity.

This must change.

This change requires our conscious participation.

This change does not require violence, it requires peace, and calm.

This change requires people to understand their own limitations that have been holding them back in life, and thus depriving this world of their precious gifts and talents.

This change requires us to admit our own faults, and agree to work on them.

This change happens… when we all work on ourselves.

This change happens when we resolve all of our own issues within and return to being spiritual beings capable of radiating light and love.

As we heal ourselves, as we look within and advance our own consciousness, the consciousness of our world, will follow.

This is our path forward. Global conscious awareness is the next phase of man kind. As we usher in the ultimate all knowing beings that reside within each of us… then that is when we achieve peace on Earth.

We are at an incredible time of human life.

The Enlightenment Period.

How. Fucking. Cool.

– Christine



Last night into today is the New Moon in Aquarius. This new moon represents an opening where we can manifest energy to free us from our limitations, free us from chaos, and free our minds from all of the beliefs that we have held that keep us back in life.

Let me ask you, what does the word freedom mean to you?

To me, freedom has always meant that I have the ability to say and do what I want, I can act freely and of my own will. However, I have started to notice, that according that belief… we are not actually free, at all.

It’s amazing to me that I am just now realizing this, when it has been so simple, and right in front of us all this whole time.

True freedom, would be the ability to actually do or say whatever we want, without limitation. Without consequences imposed on us from laws of society. If I wanted to have an abortion, in a land of real freedom, it would be my prerogative to do so. If I wanted to kill a man, in the land of true freedom, I could do so, and only have my own conscious to answer to for it. If I wanted to

In the land of true freedom… laws would not be necessary. Laws dictate what we can and cannot do. That is not freedom.

Yes, we have more free will in America than most countries are afforded, but still, we are not free people. What makes that realization slightly harder to take, is the way our limited freedom has been so idolized. America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. How could we not be a free people, I mean it’s in our slogan??

I know, some of you may say, well we can’t have pure freedom for everyone, that would be chaos. But would it?

Man is born seeking a balance between right and wrong. It is human nature. We seek to be balanced beings. In our society that balance of right and wrong is actually unjustly thrust upon us by societies laws which is what creates internal chaos, and therefor more outward chaos in our wold. If we truly lived in a world of freedom and had the ability to govern our own decisions, according to our own right from wrong… society would inherently become less chaotic. There would be less rebellion and more unity.

We all have different ideas and different beliefs, and in a world of true freedom, those differences would be celebrated. Looked upon not as someone else being wrong to your right, but rather seen as a different way to look at a situation. More light would be shed on things in a quicker manner if we weren’t so concerned with the insistence that there is only one right way to do things. We would advance much faster as a civilization under this premise.

The illusion of freedom that we have signed off on in America, has created a new bubble here that is far scarier than any housing or economic bubble. Our acceptance of our limited world as freedom has only served to give more power to those who make our laws and govern our land. While we have been blissfully living our lives, they have been busy manufacturing scenarios to scare us into allowing more laws, more restrictions, and more limitations, which only serve to increase their power of us. They have manufactured a world based on our selfish wants and desires which was built keep us entertained and under an illusion that we are happy, that we are free… while we continue to work as their slaves, and line their pockets with our money. This. Is. Not. Freedom.

America was built on the foundation that we are a free and unified nation where every man is afforded the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. What we have been given is a nation divided by laws and restrictions imposed by the few, to control the many. We are not free. The sooner we can all realize that, then the sooner we pop this bubble, and take back what is rightfully ours: FREEDOM.

Vive la révolution,

– Christine


Okay, so I know I am late to this train, but I just recently got on board with how awesome guacamole is. I was a picky eater growing up and only in more recent years have I just started trying things. I tried avocado for the first time almost two years ago. I had heard all the craze about good fats, and still never really felt like avocado looked appetizing, but then a friend was eating avocado with just a little salt and pepper on it one day, and he raved about it, so I finally tried it. It was pretty good. However,the whole process of having to know when an avocado was ripe still seemed a bit daunting to me, so I never got on board with actually buying avocado’s myself. Enter guacamole. Once I got on board with avocado’s being good, that opened the door for me to try guacamole. I first tried it at Mission Taco here in St. Louis, and well, they have incredible guacamole. It was like trying meat for the first time and starting off with a $50 filet. Regardless, I was hooked. It wasn’t until I tried guacamole at another Mexican restaurant soon after that…that I realized there were varying degrees of guacamole goodness. While it is not as good as Mission Taco’s guac, more recently I have been hooked on Chipotle’s guacamole. Mostly because it’s right next to my work and a convenient option, but also because a lot of times they leave big chunks of avocado in it and I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of it.

My point here? You guys, we can’t let our relationship with Mexico deteriorate, and we certainly don’t want an increase on trade with Mexico. That’s where avocado’s mainly come from!! Actually, that is where 70% of our vegetables are imported from and 40% of our fruits come from. That’s a lot of produce! Not to mention Tequila and Mexican beer. I’m not a fan of either, but plenty of Americans are.

Plus, if we let our relations with Mexico deteriorate, what does that mean for our all inclusive Cancun/Cabo San Lucas/Cozumel/Puerta Vallarta, etc. vacations?? I have never had a chance to visit any of these places yet, but it’s on my bucket list, and right now going there is a lot cheaper of an option than any other tropical resorts outside of the US.

I understand if you think our immigration problem is out of control, however, are you aware that most illegal immigrants came into this country legally… and then just didn’t leave? A wall is not going to fix much. People who are ballsy enough to run across the border, are probably just as ballsy to get a travel visa, and come here and never leave.

So, I just wanted to point out that I’m saddened that my new found love for guacamole is now being threatened by our quickly deteriorating relationship with Mexico. They have been a good neighbor to us. They don’t deserve this kind of treatment. Kindness begets kindness, and if we erect a wall of hate, well, we probably aren’t getting many avocado’s thrown back over it.

Love Trumps Hate. Avocado’s Trump no avocado’s. It’s that easy guys. 🙂

I’ll be at Chipotle if you have any questions.

– Christine


Well since no one seems to care about my crusade for truth, I’m gonna go back to what the people want: updates on my butt. I’m on Day 9 of my recovery, and today is the first day I haven’t had a piece of gauze stuck between my butt cheeks… so that’s an improvement I suppose.

The first week was absolutely God awful. Not only was my butt in incredible pain, but I was also completely drained of energy, which I’m sure was the combination of my body recovering from the physical trauma it went through and also recovering from the anesthesia. On Friday, 3 days after the surgery, I was attempting to cut up a sweet potato to make fries, and I did not even have the strength to make it through standing long enough to do that. I sat down at least 5 times while attempting to cut that potato. After I made fries, I went back to the only thing that was really an option, sleeping.

Saturday was my birthday. So despite the pain and the lack of energy, I wasn’t about to stay in and sleep away my birthday. I’m way to hard headed for that. So I rallied up 20 of my closest friends, went to dinner, and then met up with about 20 more friends at a bar. I’m not sure if it was the adrenaline of my birthday, or getting to be around all of my friends, but Saturday, I almost completely forgot about all the pain. However, as the end of the night approached, I was quickly reminded when the terror of having to go to the bathroom set in after dinner. Thanks to my “in case I have to poo” travel accessory bag with all my cream, gauze, and gloves though… I was good to go.

By Sunday the pain that was inflicted by most major movements – standing, sitting, walking, etc. – had faded away. Sunday evening I treated myself to a massage, which despite my hesitation that it might not be the best idea, was amazing. With the added pain of the whole surgery, my whole body had basically tensed up all week. Even though it got a little awkward when my masseuse demanded I take off my underwear, and I then had to explain to her that I had gauze in my butt cheeks so that wasn’t really a good idea, it was exactly what my body needed. Even as she pushed and pulled on my butt muscles, creating movements that had caused great pain all week, my body was finally able to be so relaxed that it didn’t matter.

Monday was my first day back at work. It was also the day my stitches decided to start coming out. OW. Pain levels went back up Monday through Tuesday as the wound was re-opened more or less. By Tuesday evening I found out that the wound trying to scab itself was actually more painful than the stitches. Warm water baths became my friend Tuesday night.

Now here we are on Thursday. No gauze, no more oozing, slight pain around the scab, but I think I’ve finally made it through to the other side.

To summarize what this whole experience taught me:

  • You don’t realize how important your butt is in every movement… until you have a cut in it.
  • Fiber is very important in our diets.
  • Drinking plenty of water is also very important.
  • Get your hemorrhoids checked out, even if they go away or don’t bother you much. They might come back worse than ever at some point if you don’t.

Stay Healthy my friends!

– Christine

Appropriately timed after my heated post yesterday, I read an article on Vox, about a report which is put out by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) every year over the state of democracies around the world. For the first time in the history of this report, the United States was downgraded from a “full democracy” to a “flawed democracy”. That’s because our government is no longer representing the people, and its becoming painfully obvious. This is not to say this is because of President Trump either, no, as the article, and myself pointed out, Trump is the consequence of the deterioration of trust in our government, not the cause of it. The American people, so disgusted by their own government, voted for in this man, this “outsider” who promised to drain the swamp and bring jobs back to America. The kicker though? This man ALSO did not care about the American people, or plan to deliver on any of his promises. He just saw how rigged the system was and that there was an opportunity to become the most powerful man in the world. Which he did… and then promptly handed the reigns over to the secret elite to do as much damage as they want to American rights, because no longer was a man of morals and values holding the one office that we the people had in our corner.

I saw through this charade over a year ago. Many people did. That was why we opposed Donald Trump, because we could see his narcissism bright as day and knew someone like that would never uphold the rights of the people. Someone like that is incapable of wanting to better the people because all they see is themselves. I digress though, because again, Donald is the product of the American people falling hook line and sinker for the BS our government has been feeding us for years, so we really only have ourselves to blame.

So… how do we take back our freedom? Well I think the key is that we all need to first accept some real truths about what is actually going on in our country. Facts such as:

  1. Nothing we see in the media can be accepted as real. Nothing. The elites own the media, and everything that we see is what they want us to see. Even things that do seem to be anti government or for the people… are still shaped in a certain light to only reveal a sliver of the truth. They will give us pieces of truth over here… to distract from the heinous atrocities going on over there. This is the game. They have perfected the game of playing on our thoughts and emotions and know exactly how to get the desired outcome that they want. They have been 100 steps ahead of us for too long now. We think we are free, but we are far from it. We think the way they have programmed us to think. Think about that for a moment. You know it’s true.

So the first step is to literally retrain your mind. Understand that the belief structures that you have held onto your whole life… aren’t real. They are how you have been programmed to think. We have been brainwashed to such a degree, that many people may never accept that this could possibly be true. However, I believe many people know it is true. Maybe they couldn’t put words to it, or quite grasp the depth of it… but now that I mention it… this does sound pretty spot on to what you intrinsically KNOW to be true.

There are two tracks in life that we can choose in every decision we make. Those choices are to choose love… or to choose hate/fear. The elite, the cabal, love it when we choose hate. They have done a bang up job of subtlety programming hate throughout our culture in every way possible. They have disguised their hate so well, that it has become the accepted norm in many areas in our country. So how do we change this? By choosing love. Love is a fundamental human right that they cannot take away from us, no matter what they try, and believe me they have tried. We still have a choice though, and if we look within ourselves, into the core of our all knowing souls, and we ask for love to guide our decisions… then we WILL be able to better find love and make decisions based out of love rather than on fear or hate. Once you start to do that it will become very easy to see through all of their lies and deceptions and programmed beliefs. Once a majority of us start to trust in the love in our heart’s to guide us, that is where the magic starts happening.

Back to the facts:

2. The Federal Reserve bank, a private institution, (owned by the Cabal to control all of our money) needs to go. This private institution controls our money supply, and therefore our economy, but they answer to no one. That’s not entirely true, they technically report to Congress, however, they are not held accountable to the checks and balances of the President or the Judiciary system to offer any protection by representatives of the people. Is it now becoming clear why our Congress has become so corrupt? Because it benefits the cabal.

Do you know who actually owns the Federal Reserve Bank? The same family that owns the main banks of many other countries, The Rothschilds. I saw the other day that the Rothschilds accumulative family wealth now amounts to 75% of the worlds wealth. Let me just say that again, one family, now has more wealth than 75% of the world. The Rothschilds, are the cabal. They are not the only family… but I would care to venture that 97% of the members of the cabal stemmed from the Rothschild lineage. I have read many articles on this, and how they have systematically sent people to marry into other family lines, changed their names, and tried to cover up their links to the Rothschild dynasty. This is how one family has gotten to the level of power that they have, cleverly, by slowly infiltrating all aspects of our government, our banks, and our world, while making very sure of the fact that no one would notice all their trails led back to the same place until it was too late.

Now here we are, at the point of too late. With Donald Trump, our “outsider” President, who they created, and the American people fell for hook, line, and sinker. Donald is a dream come true for them. He is the first person that they were able to get through the American democracy process who blatantly doesn’t represent the people’s best interest. Best of all, they were able to do it by convincing 65 million people that he was the perfect option for democracy. They have made the biggest joke out of our democracy, and I for one, am so glad to see institutions such as the EIU calling out the truth, that our democracy is in fact now truly, and painfully, flawed. The election of Donald Trump is not the reasoning of why we are flawed, he is the product of our flawed democracy.

I do believe it is not too late though. From many things that I have read, there are powers at play working to expose and bring down the cabal. The fact that I, a common citizen, have come to know and understand so much about them, shows me that this is true. The first step for the American people though? Acknowledging that this is real, that we have been brainwashed, and that we need to end the private banking system that is funding the people who are doing it. I believe these are the fundamental changes required by our generation in order to set the stage for future generations to achieve true freedom.I truly believe we are capable of doing this. I also believe that it is part of my mission in life to keep writing the truth, in as many different ways as I can, until every person in this country understands it. So I will be here, doing just that, for as long as I possibly can.

Thank you for reading,

– Christine



I can’t take it anymore. I cannot take the pure idiocracy that is our world right now. Where do I even start. With our President?? No, that’s too easy, I’ll save that for the end, which is where it belongs, because as you will see he is not our problem, he is the product of our problem. Our problem?? People. Not. Being. Accountable. For. Their. Own. Issues!!!! No, that’s that not true either, that is also a product of our real problem. The real problem is the puppet masters that are controlling and manipulating our thoughts, our behaviors, our actions, and ultimately our minds. The Cabal. If you have never heard this phrase or have no inkling of what it is let me explain:

“From all available evidence it’s clear that the most compelling hypothesis explaining the interconnected crimes, lies, and human slaughter occurring in our modern world is that an international cabal took control of the United States in the early part of the twentieth century and is now methodically destroying American and world institutions and values. The main goal of the cabal has been to consolidate political, economic, and social power in its hands while obliterating the minds of the masses to establish a militaristic, imperialistic dictatorship.” – 

Before you laugh me off as a conspiracy theorist, I need you to stop, and fucking listen. Hell, do some research of your own, just please, USE YOUR BRAIN.

This is not a joke. This is very real, very well documented, and now BLATANTLY obvious through the effects that we are seeing in our country and throughout the world.

It does not matter who our president is, the Cabal is in charge. The richest of the rich, so elite they have rewrote history to erase their names and any traces of their involvement in humanity. They do not want to be known. To be known, to be documented, means that their heinous manipulation of mankind could become susceptible to almost being believable. No, they much prefer to lurk in the shadows, pulling the strings, manipulating the population, feeding us lies verified as truth, while poisoning our water, and slowly turning our brains to mush.

The reason that so many in my generation are failing to find love is because we have all become such ego driven maniacs, that the process of actually finding the humanity within us that is required for love is almost impossible. This is not our fault either, we are living in the cabal created reality which was shaped in specific way to keep us locked up by our own insecurities,  shortcomings, and fears! Our society is set up to keep us trapped in the insanity of our own mind!! It is manufactured insanity that we have come to accept as normal.

On top of that, they have managed to tap into the power of the ego on a massive scale. When I say that, I mean they have perfected playing to our selfish wants, desires, addictions, and even hatred in a way that keeps people so trapped in their own minds. Making people believe that money, fame, drugs, and alcohol are the best prizes in life, when in reality those are the exact things that strip us of the best joys in life.

Trump? Trump is a con man who figured out the Cabal’s con, and then used it for his own gain. I could almost respect him in that fact. Almost. However, any person which is THAT driven by their own inadequacies, insecurities, and ultimately ignorance, has no righteous path in life, not even by accident. Now in office, an office he himself knows he is 100% not interested in holding, he is simply handing the reigns directly over to the cabal. Not that any president has ever truly represented the people anyways, but most at least had the dignity to preserve our basic human rights, and some even did their best to add to them. Not Trump. He does not care about anyone but himself, and because of that the next four years are going to be a real shit show for humanity.


  1. Take a look at your own life. Focus within. Admit your own issues, admit your own weaknesses, (it’s okay, everyone has them!) and then work on them. Make yourself a better person. That is almost all we can do in this otherwise chaotic world. When you heal yourself, you are ultimately healing the world. As you are able to better listen to your soul, then you will be better equipped to find your true calling and follow your destiny, and THAT is what this world needs. More people doing what they were put on this planet to do.
  2. Stop poisoning your body. Stop eating processed foods that contain zero nutrition. Stop drinking soda like its water. It’s not, its fucking poison. Water is our lifeblood. Drink it. A lot. 
    The power in plants is being largely repressed by pharmaceutical companies (the cabal), but PLANTS ARE POWER. They can heal almost every major disease. Nourish your body, it is the only one you have, and your brain needs nourishment in order to think it’s way through your issues!!
  4. Do not believe things simply because you are told to do so. Do your own research. Meditate, ask the universe for answers, ALL THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD IS WITHIN YOU. If you don’t believe me, then you don’t believe in yourself, and that’s the real problem here, so go back to number one please.
  5. Find love. Love for yourself. Love for your fellow man. Love for all. They can do a lot of things, feed us a lot of lies, but they cannot take away our innate want to give and receive love. That is a fundamental human right, and one that I believe holds the key to our way out of all this mess.

So go on… wake the fuck up already. Work on yourself. Find your calling. Find your voice. Let’s take our goddamn country back from the power hungry lunatics who think they can turn our brains into mush and take our freedom without us noticing!!!


– Christine