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Some of you may have noticed the spike in my political posts lately, and I wanted to take a minute to explain myself and why I have started blasting Bernie Sanders propaganda at you like it is going out of style, and why I’m not going to stop.

Simply put, Bernie Sanders is the first presidential campaign candidate in my lifetime that I believe will truly stand up for what the things that America needs right now, and not just for what America’s wealthiest top 1% want. WE ALL KNOW THAT POLITICIANS ARE BEHOLDEN TO THE MONEY TRAIN THAT PUTS THEM IN OFFICE. Can we please all agree on that? Okay, great.

Can we also all agree that we have slowly turned into we the sheeple, instead of We the People? With the spawn of the internet and endless media streams coming at us, corporate America, and our government for that matter, have found out how easy it can be to distract the American people from what is really going on with our government. Scroll through your Facebook Newsfeed right now. I bet you will find 10 stories about cute animals from various “news sources”. A cute puppy is not news. It is a distraction from actual news. The amount of “distractions” reported by supposedly credible News sources is out of control right now.

I won’t deny it, I myself have been guilty of political ignorance. Politics are generally boring, and the topics that aren’t boring are so heatedly debated that most of us would rather avoid them then to get into an uncomfortable and heated debate with people. People generally don’t like pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone. So yet again, we resign to being sheeple, keeping our opinions to ourselves and letting big corporations have their way, because its easier that way.

Those of you that know me rather well, have probably heard me talk about wanting to start a change over the past year. At times I have even used the phrase “I want to start a revolution”. Last summer I pulled myself out of a life long depression, and with my “awakening”, I felt a strong need to bring change to our society. It is clearly in shambles, and is becoming a world that quite frankly makes me not want to have children, because I can’t even fathom letting them grow up in the self destructing landscape that has become our country.

At first I was rather gung-ho about my revolution idea. Then as I brainstormed various ideas on how to bring about that change over the past year, my campaign slowly lost steam. First off, the very mention of this idea to most people received a laugh along with “You’re too late, we’re already doomed.”

Now I’ll admit, I know the idea of bringing about a political revolution coming from my mouth sounds pretty far fetched. However, I could not believe how many people agreed with me, yet had already given in to the fact that there was nothing we can do about it and for me to try would simply be a waste of my time.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up in America. Land of the free, home of the BRAVE. Not land of the semi free, home of the Meh, we’re doomed and there is nothing we can do about it.


Just as I was starting to give up and give in to the fact that there might not be much I could do to change our otherwise doomed government system… Bernie Sanders announced he was running for president.

Now I’ll admit, I didn’t know Bernie Sanders from Tom Brady when he announced. To be totally honest, when I heard the name, I legitimately thought he was a football coach, and was confused as to why he would be running for president. (Isn’t there a Bernie Sanders in the sports world somewhere??)

After I was corrected and informed about who Bernie was, and what his political stances were… I became highly intrigued.

What’s this you say? A politician that actively argues against large corporations? A politician that believes in fighting for the middle class?? A politician that is actively calling for a political revolution???

Bernie Sanders renewed my faith that real change could actually be possible.

However the disturbing lack of media coverage on such an outspoken and head turning candidate has been the real eye opener for me. Bernie is raising questions and issues that Americans actually care about, and those of us that have been following him are fascinated by it. Absolutely fascinated. How could such a fascination NOT be garnering more media attention?? We all know why. The top 1%, the billionaires and corporations own our media and news outlets. And they’ll be damned if they give Bernie any micro edge of a chance to win this election.

This is an EXTREMELY obvious and EXTREMELY disturbing fact. We can all blatantly see this. How can we, the American people, sit back and let this be okay?? 

I for one, refuse to let this mockery of democracy go on. That is why I will be posting more and more about Bernie Sanders. That is why I will be donating to his campaign, and that is why I will be volunteering my time whenever possible. We cannot sit back and keep being we the sheeple.

This is our chance America. We must stand up and show big business that we will not be manipulated any longer. We must once again be America the Brave, and face the uncomfortableness of going outside our comfort zone. We must take action now, or we risk losing democracy for every generation to come.

Bernie Sanders is our revolution… but he needs you, me, and every American on his side to actually make that happen. 

So let’s do this America! Let’s take back our country!!

#BernieSanders2016 #FeelTheBern #JoinTheRevolution

I want to join the revolution.